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    This is me being mischievous.

    It is said that three is a crowd.
    There are far more than three at greypath, so there must be several crowds.
    Enough for a meaningful gathering.
    We all came to the ‘party’ here at greypath.
    There were many at the start, and there was much noise: the crowd surged hither and thither.
    But a problem became evident.
    It started with those little cream cakes.
    They were just too delicious and enticing.
    Many exceeded a judicious intake, and suffered as a result.
    Then there was Great Aunt Maude’s dandelion wine.
    It was deceptively mild in flavour, which masked its hidden kick.
    (I think it could double effectively as rocket fuel)
    Many partook copiously, ignoring their inner caution.
    So they sank quietly out of sight.
    And the party dwindled.
    At present, the majority have retired to other places, or gone home suffering from untoward inner distress.
    We are the remaining few.

    We could also go home, but we are sensible.
    We didn’t over eat on cream cakes.
    We were satisfied with just a sip or two of dandelion wine.
    We are relatively clear headed.
    We came to a party, and could easily keep on partying.
    What to do?
    We can’t refer to the master of ceremonies for advice.
    He is a bit ‘under the weather’ and also under the kitchen table.
    I am reminded of Elvis in the movie Blue Hawaii when he said to Miss Prentice:
    ‘I’m not the guy you think I am, I snore and everything’.
    It seems our MC is now emulating him to a worthy degree.
    So we will leave him under the table for now.
    But what to do?
    What would be relevant?
    How about telling the true story of something that happened to us, perhaps long ago.
    Nothing too revealing: nothing leading to recognition of the people involved.
    Leave out names and places?
    But a true story nonetheless.
    Those are usually easy to remember.
    If you are adept at rhyme, you could throw in a few lines too.
    But singing? Better give that a miss. It messes up my computer screen something awful.

    Those are just a few suggestions we might consider.
    Does anyone have any others?
    It is up to us whether or not the rest of the party is successful, memorable, and repeatable.
    We don’t want to be seen as a failure for want of trying?
    And Betty: every time I ‘put pen to paper’ I worry about how my words might be received.
    But I just try to tell it like it is.
    Describe things as I see them.
    And throw in a bit of levity for good measure.
    What is life without a bit of fun?
    Not as good as dandelion wine in the short term maybe, but it has a far greater ‘long term’ benefit.
    And no hangover.
    So now it is over you and others to express your ‘pleasurable’ agreement or otherwise?



    I was outside watering plants when it occurred to me that there is something I need to make abundantly clear.
    The ‘party’ is a fictitious party.
    It is a broad analogy, meant to set a framework on which to visualise greypath.
    It is not representative of any particular person or event in greypath.
    I most definitely do not mean to infer that anyone is partial to cream cakes or dandelion wine.
    I am not insinuating that they seek refuge beneath the kitchen table.
    I am absolutely sure that none of them do, or ever would.
    I trust no one thought otherwise.
    But I do hope that some found a modicum of humour peeping out here and there in the ‘story’.
    That is about it for now.

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