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    Samantha Hagen

    Hi I finally got in today – after trying for days – the passwords are long and my passport manager wont record this forum as it says the email address in not valid. So I have to try to catch it.

    I have asked a few other who used to post here – and say similar cant get in. Maybe use same password manager which is American.  I didnt catch it either again this time! But in yippee today so achieved something eh!

    Anyway glad to see some here posting and hope you’re all keeping well.

    I am fed up right now as I am an avid reader never had a book far away fm me – and they announced on the 6 pm news they were going to close the Library tomorrow – so down I went next morning to get in some books and a crowd was there – all grey heads as it noticeably that we are the main readers here anyway and any younger usually with kiddies getting their kids books and DVD’s etc. Guess due to having TV – we didnt my age group 80’s anyway.

    Only to find anotice the Library closed last night at 6pm and wont be open again until further notice. nks for nothing Green influenced Lbaor premiers who outvote the Liberals.

    So I am not impressed with the close down and now the “we must look after our seniors.”

    In our area I do know a lot of seniors dont have the internet. So they will be left with TV which is dismal in that far too much on there is just repeats of movies and programs. Here anyway I have found a repeat of a program shown only a day or so prior. Dont they ever start on time like the Guide and why dont they write a note when that particular program is shown so dont slip up?

    Oh well – I hve had a look at ebooks fm the Library but read just about all of those on offer. Have to just try a couple I havent read and hope it all goes away and we get back to normal.

    Maybe I will buy ome books if find an online store still working. Say only need to put aside paper for 24 hours for any germs from this flu virus to be dead and harmless. Good to Know!

    God bless





    With our library I have access to the latest magazines on the RB digital app, not all of them but enough to keep me happy. I also have access to the following apps CL Cloud library, BorrowBox library and OverDrive to borrow and read books and I think DvD’s plus audio books. Maybe all libraries do this I don’t know.
    I can only access Greypath on my ipad, I can sign in on my iphone but can’t get into the CoffeeHaus etc.
    Yes it is hard in many ways for those who don’t have internet. For those who do we can keep in touch via video calls, read online books, google so many things to look at and learn.
    TV here in WA is woeful, full of fake reality programs. The media are out to scare us with their reports on covid-19. Interviewers ask silly questions like when will this end, when will restrictions lift etc as if those being interviewed have a crystal ball.
    Not everyone can go out for a walk or go for a drive.
    I guess each individual person has to find something to do to pass the time away.


    Our Library closed days ago, without any warning! Fortunately,I had picked up a few more books than usual, being a book worm, (also being a non fiction reader, more difficult to find!)
    Samantha ,have you tried reading the Bible, the Psalms for instance or the gospel of John, in the New Testament section of the Bible(especially chapter 3,verse 16 )?! I’m reading it (the Bible!) every day, it is so interesting!


    Our local op shop for animals is open for a couple of hours each day. They have a lot of books for sale.
    Are any of you near one? Prices are pretty decent.


    Hi Samantha. It may be to do with bandwidth issues we have at the moment world wide wide as we all move on line.

    Any way have a go at creating a simpler password by clicking on your profile (top left hand side as you log in) and scrolling down.

    If you do so and muck it up, let me know and I can delete you and re-register you.

    (I can change many things but am denied password changes on their own)

    Lets know how you go 🙂




    A couple of months ago, I too had trouble logging in to greypath.
    I had to enter the password manually each time.
    This went on for a while until a new version of my browser came out.
    I use firefox, and as soon as the new browser installed, this problem, and a few others I had noticed, disappeared like magic.
    It might all have been a coincidence of course, but I think not.
    I think instead that it was some kind of a ‘wrinkle’ in the browser coding, which luckily changed in the later version.
    So perhaps others might benefit from a browser update, or a different browser?
    Just a thought.

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