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    I see ‘heated tirades’ on some social programmes on television, and feel obliged to offer what I hope is constructive comment.
    I also hope to engender thoughtful criticism by thoughtful persons.
    I ask: are you being manipulated by fast talking and persuasive agitators?
    Is someone trying to convince you that you should involve yourself in conflict in another part of the world?
    Be aware!
    The aim of an agitator is to cause unrest.
    This can lead to social discontent, and even harmful protest.
    We should live peacefully and constructively inside our own society.
    Interaction with other countries and other cultures should be at a government level.
    Individuals cannot police the world.
    Individually, we must confine our efforts to making our own area safe and prosperous.
    If all persons in a country do this, the result is a happy and progressive society.
    Overall, a good place in which to live.
    Remember too; we cannot live the lives of other people for them.
    The best we can do is to set a worthy example they might be pleased to follow.
    However much we might decry unrest in other parts of the world, we cannot change or control that personally.
    Only the people directly concerned can do that.
    The most we can do is to offer help and advice if we see this might be needed.
    We do this mostly when another part of the world suffers a ‘natural catastrophe’, such as earthquake or famine.
    Other places, other societies, other governments, and how other people in the world live, are no concern of ours.
    Other countries have their own laws and their own way of doing things.
    Unless what they do, or plan to do, would impinge seriously on our own welfare, we should not interfere with them.
    Nor they with us!
    If another government does act in an unconscionable way, that might well lead to conflict or even war.
    But this doesn’t happen often for us, I am pleased to say.
    Common areas, such as the seas, rivers, and even land boundaries, are subject to rules agreed to by governments.
    Most of the time logical people use dialogue to reach agreement, and amicable resolution of any discord.
    Because we have almost limitless communication to almost any place now, doesn’t mean our personal effort should automatically extend across boundaries.
    Our personal effort is best applied to our own little corner of the world.
    In a sense, we should live and let live.


    John guest

    William have a look under our Links tab, and think about writing your own book. The useful link is named  greypath publishing, and it carries a free e-book. Out of date I would think, but may be something of interest there for you. Regards



    Ray: Thank you for your thoughtful suggestion.
    At this time, I don’t have a long enough story to tell.
    However, I will bear your idea in mind.
    I have written a few very short stories for children, but not book length.
    When, as an adult, I read some of the classical stories for children, I was horrified at how lurid they were. Even ‘the wizard of oz’ is somewhat gruesome.
    So I decided I could do better.
    Not sure I did though!
    But there is always tomorrow.
    Thank you again for your thought.



    William, what a great suggestion from Ray.

    I’m sorry I haven’t posted  a response to your very thought provoking comments.    I don’t have an analytical mind, and your post above deserves far more than I can offer.   Obviously, you are a deep thinker with a gentle outlook on life.

    But never feel your posts are ignored please , just because no-one responds.   They make for good reading and give one plenty to contemplate.



    Salina, I am not quite sure what to say.
    Except that I do appreciate your kind comments.
    Thank you for that encouragement.
    I will try to live up to your generous assessment.



    In my original post, I think I should have added one more line.

    After ‘In a sense, we should live and let live.’ I should have said:

    But keep a weather eye open just in case!

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