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    Netmemo, is an app that can be downloaded to most if not all smartphones. (You might need a bit of help to find the app in the app shop, on your phone).

    It is a very simple app,  that, once installed, and simply set up, works with only two finger taps.

    Its most useful when you note something while you are out, that you would like to follow up when you get home, but you know that its likely that an hour or so later, and many events in between, you will have forgotten.

    Well, you just tap Netmemo and it comes up as a voice recorder. You say “Send Jane the address of Mimi” and with one more tap, it mails you at home with¬† a small sound file of what you said. When you get back on line later in the day, up it pops.

    Many busy business people use it too, not only our grey lot!

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