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    In case it may help someone else:
    I use a PC in a spare bedroom and always had my home phone in the kitchen. When I was connected to NBN a couple of weeks ago they told me I could not have the kitchen phone as it needed to be plugged directly into the new modem. The wiring for my ADSL came from a splitter in the kitchen so I thought I would experiment and see if it could be used as a sort of extension thus plugging it from the bedroom wall socket into the modem. It works perfectly and so I have my kitchen phone once again!
    Incidently I only decided to get NBN as my ADSL was getting so slow. It has been very good as I have wireless from the node and the speed is at least 6 mbps at weekends and 7 during the week. (It was less than 1mbps on ADSL). My iinet plan also costs me a lot less.



    Thanks for that info, abirdo. I have ADSL. and will be going on to the NBN next year. You’ve answered a couple of questions for me, though I don’t understand about the splitter.
    I’m in the same situation re the phone in the kitchen and wondered what will happen.
    Thanks again.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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