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    A few thoughts about Hong Kong.
    It is full of people.
    Some authorities seem to think this doesn’t matter.
    But surely it does?
    The area was under British rule for 99 years.
    Whatever the original inhabitants felt at being annexed I don’t know.
    One would hope it was an easy transition when it happened.
    But over the past 99 years, there have been 4 or 5 new generations at least.
    Change at this time in our history is amazingly rapid.
    So for the present generation, the Hong Kong of today is vastly different from the way it was when first annexed?
    For all practical purposes, it is a different country now?
    The idea that the people can simply have their way of life changed forever, and their infrastructure arbitrarily taken over, because of an agreement which was made about a hundred years before they were alive, is strange to say the least.
    That agreement didn’t anticipate the extent and diversity of change that would take place during its term.
    To get some perspective, it would be rather like taking Sydney, and plonking it down in some part of china, and telling the people to adjust and change.
    I don’t think sydneysiders would like it very much.
    Surely what is best for the people is of prime importance here.
    It is not just a piece of land which is being dealt with.
    It is a country full of people who understandably don’t desire great interference in how they live life.
    They are protesting vehemently at what they see as the increasing erosion of their rights and privileges.
    But I do wish their protests were peaceful, and not degenerating in to the destruction and violence we are seeing.
    Violence breeds more violence, and cannot end well.
    The best thing the chinese leadership could do would be to let the people continue as before.
    Give up the idea of making great changes in the lives of those living in Hong Kong.
    Own the land, but not the people!
    Then the world would view the chinese leadership in a much more favourable light?
    They would be seen as wise and practical.
    A country setting a significant example for others.
    It would be such an easy thing to do, and bring great benefit to them.
    It would negate the unrest and tension of this ‘scuffle’.
    Definitely a win-win situation for all concerned.


    In today’s Australian, President XI of China has threatened Crushed Bodies and Shattered Bones!


    As long as they are not his!


    He is referring to those in Hong Kong who are peacefully opposing president XI ‘s regime!


    The Hong Kong riots continue even though the Chinese have at last cancelled the original law they made, that started all the riots. I believe the rioters were calling for Carrie Lams? resignation but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Yes having been to Hong Kong quite a few times I find it hard to imagine the state  it must be in these days.  But  we can only hope the rioters will eventually give up and all will return  to normal ? but  so far its a bit hard to imagine.



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