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    I saw this article on line.
    It is relevant to adelaide in south australia.
    I live in western australia.
    About a year ago I needed to spend a few days in a public hospital.
    The meals were so good I thought I had been taken to a five star hotel by mistake.
    I feel sorry for those mentioned in the article.


    In general I believe hospital food has improved over the years.   Bad luck if one  happpens to land in an off hospital.

    I do wonder if the article exaggerrates though.    If anyone eats uncooked chicken, especially if they’re sick at the time, they would probably keel over on the spot and cark it!

    We would then be reading about deaths…not just bad food.


    Salina, thank you. You have reminded us of something important.
    We should never forget that almost all news is ‘dressed up’ so it has greater impact on the reader.
    One needs to look for facts, and almost disregard the way the news is presented.
    It is much easier to evaluate facts.
    We often find something like a sheep in a wolf’s clothing.
    Or something else that just doesn’t make sense.
    As your post so wisely points out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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