How I got into exercise

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    When I was 50 my knees hurt so much that when we went to the mall, I had to sit on the bench for a bit after walking in from the parking lot.  I had a great Doctor who thought outside the box a bit and he told me  I must build up the muscle around my knees. He suggested a bicycle because it would be a low-impact exercise so I went to Walmart and bought an 18 speed mountain bike reasoning that I was terribly out of shape and would need all the gears I could get. I was sure right about that, for a long time I could only ride on fairly level roads. After a while, I started challenging a hill every day. After months, I made it to the top without stopping.

    Throughout my 50’s and 60’s I was really into mountain biking and my knees never hurt! Coincidentally, I wasn’t ever short of breath anymore and likely had the heart of a racehorse. In my early 70’s my balance deteriorated so badly that I had to retire the mountain bike and ride a stationary bike every night while watching the news. When the news is aggravating, I pedal faster.

    Last fall, with a long cold, icy winter approaching, I decided to step it up a bit instead of becoming a winter lump. I bought a Nordic Track elliptical machine. The same day my exercise bike expired (jealousy?).  So now I’m going into my 80’s in pretty good shape.

    Like many of you, I’m diabetic controlling it with diet, exercise, and a ton of pills. When my blood sugar is high, I’ve found that I can lower it 25% after 30 minutes of vigorous exercise on the Nordic Track.




    Good for you timetrvlr. Well done. The best I can do is walking and not a lot of that now. Cycling is very popular now and I often see older people pedalling away in the bike lanes.

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