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    There are people in this world who are hunter-gatherers by nature.
    The come in all shapes and sizes.
    They treat the world as a ‘wild’ place, and forage as they please.
    If they see something they like or want, they will ‘gather it in’.
    If you lend them something, you will find it difficult to get it back from them.
    They will hide it, and say they haven’t got it.
    They will have no qualms about doing this. It is their natural inclination. It is instinctive for them.
    I have seen this happen several times to other people.
    I am sad to say it has happened to me, twice.
    I didn’t learn the first time! Silly me!
    So don’t ‘lend’ anything, and don’t leave things lying around.
    If we leave australia ‘lying around’, they will gather it in and claim it as theirs.
    So we must keep australia’s borders well defended and secure.
    And continue to beware of the hunter-gatherers of this world, whoever they are, and wherever they are.


    Yes. The wheelers and Dealers, The super rich that do not display any altruism, the multi national companies, the drug barons, the con artists and religious groups. These are the ones who really rule the world and not the governments. Its good to reflect sometimes that all these will one day be just as dead as we will be!!


    on the other hand i’m convinced that the majority of people are honest,  decent and good




    Yes Mal. They are. Very much so.
    Which is why life can be very pleasant for us.
    It is also why we continue to make progress in most things.
    Slowly but surely, daily life becomes easier and more comfortable.
    Until a time when the ‘hunter-gatherers’ manage a win, gain momentum, and cause trouble again?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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