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    Was in Melbourne CBD yesterday. A hot windy day and the pollen (seeds?) from the English Plane trees were all over the place. Have _not_ suffered from Hay Fever previously but yesterday ended up with sore eyes and a cough. I guess it’s a case of be prepared for the Spring. The trees are really an asset in Summer with their wonderful shade. Just for a week or so they can be a nuisance.

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    Yes Walker. Hay fever can start up at any time in your life. I never had it before last year then suddenly I get a variety of symptoms which for me seems caused mostly by eucalypt blossom/pollen and has been with me most of the year due to the great variety of eucalypts we have in my corner of WA.

    didi - VIC
    didi – VIC

    walker the seed pod from the Plane and Liquid Amber trees can be quite dangerous. The hayfever symptoms can be unpleasant and yes, it can start at an older age! Your trip to Melbourne would have been spoilt with the conditions you had – hopefully they have cleared by now.
    Walker, I have not seen your name as a member of GP before, so if you are a “new chum on the block” – welcome 🙂


    Hayfever can make you feel so ill.
    My Doctor recommended Nasonyx nasal spray daily and optrex spray for itchy eyes. I have found both to be very good.
    Nasonyx can be bought under a different name for about $20 and if you don’t need to use the whole bottle it doesn’t have to be thrown out after 28 days like most nasal sprays do.
    Worth every cent for me as I live in a country area lots of pollen and dust.

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