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    I took the chance of employing a young man – a uni student who was looking for gardening work  whilst on holidays from uni.

    His asking pay rate was the same as he would get working at Macca’s – $15 per hour.

    He arrived on time,  and got stuck into the work.

    He worked very well.  After a couple of hours,  he started to flag,  so I gave him a break,  and a slice of watermelon and we sat and had a chat.  His expressions were not those of my generation,  but we generally understood each other.

    He was extremely polite.  Worked hard,  and got done the work that would have taken me several days,  in just four hours.

    I gave him a $10  “bonus” in his payment,  just for his stick to it-ness.  I knew it was a hard job and he just did it.

    He thanked me for my generosity.

    He said that most of the people who had “employed”  him,  just gave him the bare amount for the hours he put in,  even down to the last 15 minutes.

    I reckon we have to reward those who are prepared to do the harder work,  despite their age.  I know I really did appreciate his help.


    What a great story Rob. Good on him and good on you for taking the chance. Glad it worked out so well.

    didi - VIC
    didi – VIC

    rob your ’employee’ hopefully found that his sense of stickability and the reward that came with it, was worth a great day’s work 🙂



    Rob, I have kept wanting to say; ‘your experience shows us that, even today, there are young people to be admired.’
    At last I have ventured to put pen to paper.
    Rob, I laud that you ‘took that chance’ and thank you for telling us about it.
    I am glad your experience was so positive.
    I suggest that young people today are much the same as we were at their age?

    I would like to mention something here that I think is relevant.
    Many years ago, when I heard people around me making less than favourable comments about young people in general, I would ask them: do you know any of these young people you are talking about?
    I don’t remember any of them saying yes. It seems they had just ‘heard’ about them.
    So I reminded them that all the young people we knew were trustworthy, and had a good attitude to life.
    The ones who caught our attention with troublesome behaviour were, in fact, a small minority.
    It is far too easy to generalise, and to give the impression that ‘the all’ are like ‘the few’.

    I am glad you found as you did.



    William are you annoying yourself??
    “I would like to mention something here that I think is relevant.”

    ‘I would like to’ means wanting to do something at a future time.
    Someone might say, ‘I would like to thank Josie for helping me to get things ready for this meeting’.
    That just means they would ‘like’ to thank Josie at some time in the future, not that they are thanking her now



    Johnvic, thank you.
    You are 100% right.
    I fell in to the habit we all have, but shouldn’t.
    I stand corrected.
    In fact, I will stand in the corner, metaphorically speaking, and tell myself not to be so careless in the future.
    I will do some extra good deeds each day, and remember why.  *_*
    I am glad you are observant.



    I am making the effort to be extra helpful to some of my neighbours, as a way of making up for my lax grammar.
    I am doing so very cautiously, to avoid making anyone feel they need help.
    It is important that they keep their dignity.
    I cannot do more at this time.
    I hope this finds favour with you Johnvic. *_*
    I will keep going until one day I say to myself, ‘bug*** it, I have done enough now.
    The scarlet pimpernel was wont to say ‘demned’ I think. But he wasn’t australian.



    Rob, nice story.   Because we see/read bad things about some people, it’s easy to fall into the trap of lumping them all together.

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