I watched a movie.

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    I watched a movie.
    Quite recently: on Tv.
    Watching  ME BEFORE YOU  turned out to be a remarkable experience.
    So much so that I sought out, and purchased, the DVD, in order to view it again.
    I have watched it several times since.
    I see something new, and am more impressed, each time the story unfolds on the screen.
    Without a doubt, this is a gem of a movie.
    The casting is excellent.
    Each member plays his or her part with grace and competence.
    It is clear that those who produced this movie went to great lengths to ensure that every part of it is ‘just right’. It all blends nicely.
    Overall, it is a pleasure to audience this movie.
    It is easy to be engrossed, and forget all else.
    Now comes a sobering thought.
    It might not be everybody’s cup of tea?
    But you could read about it somewhere on line and decide for yourself?
    I understand it is based (loosely?) on a true life event.
    For some, this movie could be a welcome and refreshing change from baddies and goodies in a loud and violent ‘shoot em up’.



    I’ll search it out and decide whether to watch or not.



    Just read an overview of the movie, and recalled seeing it on tv too.

    It certainly was engrossing, and a delight to watch.   I agree that the casting was spot on, and very well acted.



    Agree wholeheartedly.   Brilliant movie.

    Also would say that the Netflix series called ‘Secret City’

    which has covered Australian politics/corruption/chinese influences/ and is entirely filmed in Canberra is an important series for Australians to watch.


    It hypnotised me , I had to watch the whole series to find out the answers thrown up during the episodes.  Absolutely Brilliant actors and the story line will chill all Aussies.

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