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    Just a few words about the recent executions in India.
    I feel some sadness for those whose lives were terminated.
    It seems to me that instinctive behaviour in the community ruled the day.
    There are times when reasoned behaviour is just not in the race.
    Before we judge those young men too harshly, we need to remember the standards to which they were exposed.
    I personally have seen first hand a young man treating his mother as a chattel.
    Using forceful language, with an undercurrent of threat. And it was accepted as normal.
    In some parts of the world women are seen as nothing more than servants or worse.
    When someone grows up with these examples, it is not surprising that their behaviour can be errant.
    I am not condoning the actions of those four. They should have been able to see they were wrong.
    But had they been born in another place, perhaps at a different time, they could well have been average young men.
    Circumstances almost condemned them to be the way they were?
    We should note that the one who is thought to have taken his own life clearly demonstrated extreme remorse. So we should remember him less harshly?
    As always, education is the key. Reinforced by good examples, both inside and outside the home.
    But, however moderate and thoughtful we are, there will always be those who don’t live reasoned lives, but run mainly on instinct instead.
    A degree of force is usually needed to prevent them causing undue harm or damage.
    Life sure wasn’t meant to be easy was it!
    And before anyone starts to think it, I will repeat: NO, I don’t condone their actions.
    I am very mindful of the fate of the young woman: that thought brings great sadness too.
    Imagine it happening to your own daughter.

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