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    The concept of so called safe injecting rooms eludes me.   How does it help the addict to stop taking drugs?

    Why not safe smoking rooms, or safe alcohol rooms?   They are every bit as addictive as ice or any drug.   Smokers are treated almost as criminals, and heaven forbid if one gives a bit of a hand to a drunk lying in the street…just not done.

    Drug addiction is just that…addiction……. and should be treated as a disease, no matter what the drug is.

    Even over eating can be an addiction.

    I would like to see research on addiction per se, rather than isolate certain users who are babied and given special (useless) treatment.




    I don’t think the object is to curtail drug use.
    It is to provide a place where users can inject themselves using clean needles in a clean environment.
    When they do this in a back alley somewhere, it leaves them open to infection and disease.
    Hospitals would then be required to provide treatment for them.
    Better to give users a clean place to inject, and keep the consequence of infection at bay.
    Better for the hospitals and better for the users.
    A win win situation.
    I think it also allows users to be monitored to some degree, with their permission of course.
    This might enable prevention of some greater harm from some source.
    Even an early intervention might be possible?
    So injection rooms provide a worthwhile service.
    They provide practical help.
    I suppose they can be seen as the lesser of two evils?

    bettyh Vic
    bettyh Vic

    I agree with Salina.   I can see addicts saying yah hoo here is a  place to go  to inject our favorite drug and no one to worry them,. I have always thought what a stupid idea so called safe injecting rooms, it is just a way for addicts to keep shooting up. But do they get any help re getting off this addiction whilst there? all I have ever seen see is the addict in a little room by himself shooting up. Sorry but I have no sympathy for stupid people.



    As I recall, good people petitioned vociferously to have these rooms established.
    They could see a useful (albeit indirect) benefit would come from them.
    They realised they could not stop drug use, but they could make such use have less impact on society.
    If you cannot have a positive, at least try to have less of a negative?
    This must be how it all worked out, because the rooms are still there.



    How about we have “safe ” smoking rooms that would be better for non smokers getting second hand smoke, dont forget smoking is legal and drugs are NOT Oh dear it is all to much to bear what a nanny state.

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    Switzerland led the way for injection rooms or injection centres as they prefer to be called, you may be interested in this article from 2006, note when the centres were first introduced……

    An independent panel of experts has called for heroin injection rooms – where users could legally inject drugs – to be trialled in the UK.

    This may be a radical idea in Britain but in Switzerland such rooms have become standard.

    Berne’s injecting room is in the heart of the city
    They were first introduced in the late 1980s and early 1990s in response to rising levels of HIV infection among intravenous drug users and as an attempt to control Switzerland’s notorious “open” drugs scene, where heroin addicts took their drugs in city parks and squares.

    The Swiss government also has a strong drug abuse prevention programme, but says the injection rooms are there to help the addicts for whom everything else has failed.

    Berne’s heroin injection room is in the heart of the city, and it is a busy place.

    At the entrance is a counter dispensing needles, syringes, sterile water, and antiseptic swabs.

    “We give out 1,500 needles every day,” explains Ines Buerger, the social worker in charge of the injection room.

    “And people bring their used needles back.”

    As she speaks, one woman arrives and dumps at least 30 used needles and syringes into the disposal bin.

    More here….



    Thanks for all the interesting comments.

    Hard as it may seem to some, I feel drug addicts are babied.   We all,  as individuals,  must take responsibility for our own actions.


    …………….and do you know why a lot of addicts went down the road of injecting??? that perhaps something happenend in their lives some trauma or other that took them down that road………….we all have different ways of dealing with trauma and some people are stronger than others in dealing with it….the same goes for alcoholics as well.


    Wouldn’t more Rehab., centres be a better idea?

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