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    A leopard cannot change his spots.
    But he can change direction.
    I think Kim has been influenced by others.
    Someone has made him realise he cannot go head to head with a powerful and competent opposition, and expect to be triumphant.
    He has been made to realise it is better to manipulate the situation from a distance.
    Someone close to his border didn’t want him to become too aggressive.
    Someone has reigned him in for the benefit of them both.
    So Kim has put a new plan in to action, and Donald is dancing a merry tune.
    Donald’s camp know this, and are prepared to suffer a short term loss of ‘face’.
    They will turn this temporary setback to their advantage.
    They hope.
    The ‘spin doctors’ will be out in force.
    When you step back on level ground, it is easy to move forward again.
    If you step back down a slope, it is much more difficult to regain the higher ground.
    This is almost better than a movie, watching them dodge and feint.
    I wish it were not so.
    This is real life, not a stage for all of these antics.



    It’s very early days in this historic event.   A person such as Kim Jong-un, devious,  cunning, and inherently evil, would be the hardest leader in the world to deal with.   Pres Trump, I believe, would need to give way on certain issues to ease into future negotiations.  The culture from which KJu comes, and especially him, as described above, demands he save face. Pres Trump has allowed for this I think.

    I believe, he Trump, has done pretty well so far.




    I listened carefully to don’s answers. He gave them well.
    Nevertheless, I noted where rehearsed responses were given. The spin doctors had been at work.
    I think both of them are being manipulated from afar.
    This is not necessarily bad.
    I think don knows he is being manipulated, and is making the best of it.
    Kim is not so aware of what is happening.
    Just my thoughts. I don’t claim to be an authority.
    I am not an oracle.



    One good thing about Don. At least he gets his subjunctives right.
    He is inclined to say ‘I wish it were so’ rather than ‘I wish it was so’.
    This makes listening to him much easier.
    I am sure he slips up now and then, but not in an obvious way.


    LOL … be nice to the Don, it’s his 72nd birthday today.

    Born on 14 June 1946, fourth of five children.


    What a kind thought on your part Jen! 🙂

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