Ladies in Black

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    No I haven’t as yet seen this film, but have spoken  with others that have and all say its really enjoyable and I should see it.Even a son, who would not usually go to see such films ,saw it with a female friend and said it was really good.



    Well I have just seen this movie this morning -Thursday.

    Absolutely loved it, even my husband thoroughly enjoyed it.

    The movie was set in  Sydney ,the year 1959,  gosh I remembered every thing from those days, the way people talked especially the men, and the references to different things like food, dress, relationships and  especially the  comments  about Melbourne by some Sydney siders.’ There used to be great rivalry between these two states in those early  days’.

    Apparently this   movie  was  based on a story from a  book that was written  about ladies who worked in  the expensive frock departments who all   wore black  dresses (think David Jones). The story revolved around several of the ladies  and their lives at work and away. It was really amusing to hear the attitudes of  Australian people especially one  father (Shane Jacobsen) whose daughter wanted to go to university. His   thoughts on university were so true  of those days. “Why would you want to go to university?” Anyway with a little romance throw in, it was quite a moving story re those early days in the department store world ,  tissue stuff, but with a really happy ending.

    There were some wonderful views of Sydney especially the harbour Bridge


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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