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    The latest stupid thought someone had for Melbourne,

    “Horse Racing” down some of Melbourne’s  top busiest streets -I  kid you not- How stupid. I cannot imagine anyone agreeing to that, but apparently the state government said they will think about it, could bring lots of visitors in to the state. The sooner we get this Labor government out the better I think.  We have enough race courses here in Victoria ,no way do we need horses in Melbourne itself galloping around  the city streets -apart from it would be vastly disruptive for the traffic, and on a funny note who would volunteer to clean up all the horse droppings.

    We do have some lovely quiet horses in Melbourne pulling carriages for the tourists and locals to sit in and enjoy, as they trot quietly around,   but even so some people have complained about them being in the city.








    Already Melbourne is being ruined by all the dreadful apartment blocks that are clogging the once lovely graceful town.

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