Market day.

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    Went to our local Rotary Market on Sunday, first time for ages.
    Lots of goodies really overpriced , especially as they were old and second hand. But I did buy a book $2, hey last of the big spenders!!
    Heard a Asian lady giving one customer the hard sell re a plant in a round china pot, very rare she was saying, Rubbish, it was common as dirt, snap off a piece and it would grow again real quick.I hung around to say something but the lady decided to buy it. Ho Hum.

    Six hot cross buns $13 all hand made says the sales man who galloped over to me,I could have bought six in Safe way for $5.95 in fact they had them on special two pkts for that price. We don’t eat hot cross buns anyway.

    Had coffee at a coffee place, one person another table was looking at her phone all the time despite two other peple with her who were bored and just gazing around, no talking, all this technology is making some peple really rude , I reckon.



    I reckon you will love this one bettyh :

    Those things would sell better than pasta sauce,eh.   😀 😀



    Hey Slapsy That sounds and looks terrfic Where do we get one?I’ll be first in line.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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