Marooned Boys

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    Feel for the boys and the one coach stuck in the cave system in Thailand. The authorities are doing all possible   and apparently  have thought of everything that is possible to rescue them, but now with more rain expected they are talking of it being several months till they can be rescued, hope this is not so. The poor parents will be  distraught.



    We can only hope and pray.    The search and rescue teams these days have wonderful technology behind them.



    I think this won’t be a lone effort.
    I am sure the Thai authorities would seek advice and even help from other countries.
    With everyone pulling in the same direction, one can but hope things move along a little.
    And bettyh, you are right. It will be extremely distressing for family and friends.
    In another country they might be, but they are still people.
    They too have feelings and hopes and a sense of community.
    Not knowing what was happening, or what the situation really was for those trapped, must have been hard for them to take.
    At this time I guess all we can do is keep our fingers crossed.


    Think it’s a massive international rescue effort. Two British volunteer experts on cave rescues found the boys first. Also assisting the Thai Navy SEAL divers are the US Air Force’s rescue support team, a team of nine Australians including six federal police divers as well as ADF and Foreign Affairs staff plus other international rescue personnel.

    Just hope the rescue teams can keep the boys alive and well until they can be removed. As you say BettyH, their parents must be distraught.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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