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    One thing is clear.
    Whether its Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden ..either would be a huge improvement.
    Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg were great political talents too.
    I think its going to be either Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden against the most corrupt President ever.
    Still I hope Pete Buttigieg has another go.
    Under Trump it is no longer the America I love.


    Elizabeth Warren is worthy of note.
    The others are at best doubtful.
    I have a suspicion that Trump will triumph.
    The general population will go for a ‘strong man’ even if he is ‘suspect’.
    That is human nature.


    Looks like Biden and Sanders are the only two to go ahead, I like the sound of Biden, Sanders has had a heart attack already and is now showing is age. Hope to heaven Trump does not win I think he will get carried away with himself and become unbearable.


    They should be seeking someone who is strong willed, competent, visionary.
    Instead, decisions are based on who the people ‘like’?
    Hells bells and little fishes!
    Do we have to teach the USA to think as well?  😎 😎


    Americans voted for Hilary and got Trump.
    Trumps policies have hindered the progressive achievments of Obama.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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