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    Miss America Pageant management want to stop the swimsuit parade and make it more about what the girls think about certain issues.




    Well Salina, when I was a young man, I am quite sure I enjoyed seeing shapely young women parading around in swimsuits and other fashionable garments.
    I mean in ‘beauty contests’ and similar ‘competitions’.
    As an older man, I now find the spectacle of women parading around in that way to be less than acceptable.
    It leaves me with an uncomfortable sense that it is a degrading and somewhat gruesome experience for them.
    I am surprised to note my change of attitude.
    I suppose I now see them as real people instead of just anonymous young women.
    So I strongly applaud any way in which ‘pageants’ can be changed to reflect a more dignified and thoughtful assessment, if indeed there needs to be an assessment, of (young) womanhood.
    But women wearing swimsuits at the beach or at a public pool is all ok of course.
    Had to get that comment in.



    I think the those pageants have had their day, and  they should in my opinion, cancel them altogether….and  look at the child pageants and stop them also.   Far  worse, in fact,  to see those little girls painted up and dressed up way beyond their years. There have been one or two documentaries on the child pageants, and it’s quite frightening to see the aggressive way the mothers  treat the little girls as objects to satisfy their own fantasies.



    no-one forces young women to enter those contests,  try getting any 17/20 year old to do anything she doesn’t want to do.  Most enter those contents hoping to get spotted by someone from one of the movie studios or model agencies and want fame and fortune,  and there can be big money in it



    Look what happened to all those girls hoping to get spotted by a movie mogul _think Harvey Weinstein. Masses of girls  probably hoped being with him would put them on the path to stardom. Poor deluded females.



    Let’s face the truth.
    All women are beautiful.
    They all have their own style of innate attractiveness.
    To pretend they don’t, or that men won’t notice, is totally absurd.
    As long as men notice, and leave it at that, all is ok.
    A woman has no need to put herself ‘on show’ in a pageant to attract attention.
    To parade around on a stage, as if being ‘mustered’, is rather demeaning.
    But as Malmather so rightly points out, some do it deliberately.
    In other venues as well, such as the MAFS saga.
    It is their personal choice, and they are right to do as they wish.
    I just, personally, feel uncomfortable about the whole thing.
    Having learned to see them as real people, full of warmth and feeling, with hope and aspiration well to the fore, makes the difference I suppose.
    My grand-daughters come to mind here.
    They have taught me to see life as it is.

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