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    I know this has already been reviewed in Coffeehouse but I saw it yesterday so I’m adding my bit.
    I tried to approach Poirot with an open mind but found myself having to agree with most reviews. We are used to him being portrayed as a dapper little gentleman with impeccable manners but the casting and portrayal of him by Kenneth Branagh failed miserably. Maybe for youngsters unfamiliar with the character it would be OK.
    The best part for me was the scenery and the fact that I had not remembered the ending.
    It has encouraged me to seek out the original text version to see what liberties have been taken with Agatha Christie’s original story.



    Just letting you know I read your ‘post’ with interest.

    didi - VIC
    didi – VIC

    abirdo later today I am heading to the local cinema to view this movie – I am not a fan of ‘murder’ movies but I am looking forward to viewing the scenery and acting with no pre-conceived ideas – it will be lovely to spend time with friends even if the movie isn’t my ‘kind’ 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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