Mystery road

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    this Australian production was enjoyed by all at our house last evening,we are waiting for the next episode with great anticipation.Good work all actors



    I too watched this programme, and found it highly entertaining.
    That said, I must also say I found it a bit ‘lacking’ here and there.
    It was not always as ‘absorbing’ or ‘believable’ as I would have liked it to be.
    Maybe I was being a little too critical?
    I think Judy Davis was ‘miscast’ in her character.
    It needed someone a bit more matter of fact and down to earth to play that part?
    Just my impression, and I am sure others will say I am wrong.
    I remember that about three or four years ago there was a similar programme featuring some of the characters which appear in the present one.
    That was also a very watchable  bit of television.
    I am glad they have made this ‘continuation’ of the story.
    I too look forward to what comes next.
    It is a bit like the early days when we waited for the next installment of our favourite radio serial?
    It is also pleasing to see an australian effort being well received.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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