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    Parents should ask before changing baby’s nappy’: ABC commentator

    Appearing on ABC, Deanne Carson said parents needed consent from their newborn babies to change their nappies. Picture source: ABC

    PC has well and truly taken hold in Australia if a recent interview on ABC News is to go by.

    Appearing in a recent segment on the national broadcaster, Author and educator Deanne Carson went viral for all the wrong reasons when she said parents should ask newborn babies for consent before changing their dirty nappies. Carson, who regularly works with families and children, appeared on the show to offer her expertise on families exisiting in a culture of consent.

    She explained she works with newborns to help them feel comfortable and confident in their own bodies. Apparently, this includes checking with a baby before you change smelly nappies.

    “[It’s] about how to set up a culture of consent in their homes. So, ‘I’m going to change your nappy now. Is that okay?’” Carson said.

    “Of course, a baby is not going to respond: ‘Yes mum, that’s awesome! I’d love to have my nappy changed’, but if you leave a space and wait for body language and wait to make eye contact, then you’re letting that child know that their response matters.”

    The ABC has received backlash and criticism for airing the segment. It made international headlines and quickly became a subject of debate.

    On Sky News Australia’s Outsiders show, host Ross Dean said it was another example of the ABC’s “leftie lunacy”.

    “This is just superb and it was on your ABC earlier this evening, which you paid for this lefty lunacy, have a look,” he told viewers before sharing the segment.

    (My apologies for not commenting re a baby in my first post!)


    This woman has got her 15 minutes of fame,  the sad thing is that some will take notice and act on it too



    And then there’s this:

    “”Now I have heard everything. Some bright spark has invented an app for consent to sexual intercourse. Pity the poor young of today — as if they are not dependent enough on technology and confused enough about sex without someone trying to foist a technological innovation into an area where it just doesn’t belong. “”




    There is always someone who comes up with something stupid and as Mal M says, its sad that someone somewhere will think oh thats a good idea and try to push it on everyone.

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