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    Here we go again. Sorry!
    It is true that birds of a feather do tend to flock together.
    In Australia, we are ‘birds’ of many different feathers.
    From those who collect stamps or coins, to those who attend pop-concerts and so on.
    There are large ‘religious’ groupings too.
    People usually belong to many different groups, so there is great overlap.
    But the fact is that each ‘group’ is part of a larger group.
    That larger group is the Australian Community.
    It is this larger group which ‘calls the tune’ via the established government.
    Individual groups have only an indirect say in how government works.
    They have no separate government of their own, and particularly no separate viable infrastructure.
    These groups cannot make their own laws, or operate on their own.
    So it is time for ALL groups to acknowledge they are part of the whole.
    They should stop pretending to be independent, and support that ‘whole’.
    And whole dogs don’t wag two tails!

    Dusty WADusty WA

    Larger groups call the tune? Individual groups limited in only have an indirect say on how government works?, not any more .Majority rules died a death many moons ago Now all the Individual groups have to do isĀ  complain and government caves in for fear of “Offending” someone .Australian laws are broken and ignored in case they” Offend “someone .Half the country sold out from under us ,Why ? because if we don’t allow it ,we might “offend someone. End of rant


    I believe Australia has depended on attacking minorities for too long.
    Those pesky minorities has been a catch cry for too long.
    It simply is not true.
    The white hetero male has believed he is losing his power.
    Bull Dust.
    Look at parliament.
    State. Federal and of course local… ALL RULED BY WHITE STRAIGHT MEN.
    WE had one woman pm who was hounded and bullied.
    The minority groups do not have the power.
    Its been a beat up by the right wing media.


    I find it really sad that this old chest nut is coming up again. Lets blame the terrible minorities again.
    It has NO TRUTH at all.
    Where is the evidence that horrid abos, muslims, gays and heaven forbid greenies are causing the woes of our world.
    The greenies are hardly responsible for the changes in our climate which brought on devastating bush fires.
    Very very few women bash their husbands and kill children. Of course there have been cases but rare compared to the fiolence men inflict on women.

    ROBERT KENNEDY SAID.. in the end we will be judged by our compassion to our minorities.


    I went on too long.
    I am totally disgusted with this ridiculous bashing of minorities.
    Minorities do bot have power.Its a perception and its wrong.
    Surely we are not going back to the dark days of greypath.
    I came back only because it was becoming a more tolerant place.


    I think Australia is tolerant: overly tolerant.
    That is why there is greater division than there needs to be.
    It concerns me that you feel ‘disgusted’ with greypath.
    Exchanging diverse ideas in a polite way should not be seen as the ‘bashing of minorities’?
    We need to be able to present sensible views for others to consider?
    I learn from others’ responses, and often modify my outlook in some way.

    Dusty WADusty WA

    I still stick with my opinion Tiv ,sorry but it is true

    that they cave in to some at the expence of Australians Our laws mean nothing any more .No offence mate .Just my opinion


    Never offended by you Dusty

    I just think its not fair to keep attacking minorities.


    I am sorry, but I can’t quite work this out.
    We are not at war. We are not attacking anybody.
    Expressing a view, or notifying others of something we see happening in society, is NOT conflict.
    It is purely an exchange of information, with the hope that others might benefit from it.
    Language itself developed and evolved to aid the exchange of information. Writing likewise.
    These are essential tools we have and need for our easier existence.
    They are part of who we are and how we live.
    So please forgive me for saying it, but I am confused by the word ‘attacking’.

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