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    I write a lot of comment which I don’t post.
    I consider it too controversial perhaps?
    I hesitated to post the following, but decided to do so as it does seem pertinent.

    When we are young, we are looked after.
    People around us are friendly and caring.
    Our world is made up of happy stories, pleasant social gatherings, and nice things to eat.
    Later in life we learn more, and become aware of the things humans must do to survive.
    This can be a bit of a shock.
    But we learn that humans are tribal.
    They gather in to groups, and fight each other for resources.
    They must also kill animals to eat.
    Someone, somewhere, is doing these things right now.
    Some people find it difficult to live with the starkness of this realisation.
    So they dress life up in new clothing to disguise the facts.
    They write a less confronting story of life, and try to live within that story.
    It becomes their new reality.
    If it makes them happy and yet still productive, that is ok, but it does not change the truth of what we are.
    Humans should be able to live with knowledge of the harsher side of man’s existence.
    Be able to accept what we must do to survive, as well as enjoy the more cheerful aspects of living.
    Achieve a healthy balance between these things.
    To detach oneself entirely from the reality of survival is unwise.
    Sooner or later life will force us to face and accept the truth of living and dying.
    If we haven’t accepted and adapted to this truth earlier in life, we might find it far more difficult to do so when we are older and less robust.
    The basic truth is that a progressive life simply cannot be lived entirely in a story world.
    We cannot stay as children forever.
    As adults, we should use our power of reason to avoid tribal conflict.
    We should accept that survival is neither enhanced by excessive greed, nor provocative ‘we are better than thou’ statements.
    Add to this the unfounded assertion by some that ‘we are entitled to more than you are just because’.
    It appears that many have a lot of truth to accept, and related adjustment to make?

Viewing 10 post (of 10 total)
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