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    The first I heard about it was this week so am not up to date with all the pro’s and cons, but my doctor is up to date with all that my body  decides to do or not do, when I have had treatments with other medical people they always send him the information  for his records , so I am quite comfortable with that and don’t see the need for  my information to also  be listed on a national  health record.



    Slightly off topic, but I opine it still relevant.
    This is something we need to keep in mind:
    When someone passes an examination, and achieves a high mark, all that shows is that they passed with a high mark.
    It doesn’t mean they will automatically be able to make effective use of any knowledge they have gained by their study.
    For that to happen, they must also have imagination, and plenty of it.
    Many so called ‘health care professionals’ I have encountered clearly have little imagination.
    They have some knowledge, but cannot apply it if they don’t have the imagination to evaluate a medical condition.
    Their awareness will improve with experience, but they won’t exhibit the ‘flare’ of those with an active imagination.
    That is one reason several ‘opinions’ need sometimes to be had.
    I am reminded of something reported in local news about thirty years ago.
    It was about a mother who took her child to at least five ‘medical assessments’ before a doctor said,
    ‘yes, I recognise those symptoms’. ‘This child is suffering from (this) condition.’
    I don’t remember more detail of the condition, except that it was rarer rather than usual.
    Once the diagnosis was confirmed, a treatment regime was devised.
    So I think it wise not to put all your faith in just one medical person?
    Learn from the experience of others?

Viewing 2 posts - 10 through 11 (of 11 total)

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