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    We have a problem.
    This is the way I see it.
    I don’t claim to be entirely accurate with my surmises.
    They are general ideas only.
    I present them to encourage others to make thoughtful comment.

    Our intense use of fossil fuels is creating contamination on a grand scale.
    In particular, the way we produce electric power is contaminating air and land at a rapid pace.
    One effect of this contamination has been the increase in temperatures on our planet.
    These small but steady increases have produced unprecedented changes in our weather patterns in the last few decades.
    Major weather events are becoming more frequent and more violent?

    What to do.
    To continue living as we are now, several things need to happen quickly.
    We need to produce ‘clean’ energy in abundance, so that we can replace the ‘dirty’ power generators.
    We must devise more efficient ways to use the energy we have.
    We must discontinue the lavish use of energy.
    We must cease the destruction of vegetation, for it plays a vital role in keeping the air clean and cool.

    Almost every household needs electric power to function well.
    Right now this power comes primarily from generators which are coal powered or nuclear powered.
    If we simply turn off these generators, the world at night will be DARK.
    There will be no power to operate factories, or industry in general, at any time.
    No hospitals. No food. No television. No internet.
    Life as we know it would change dramatically, in a very negative way.

    A wise approach would be to make an all out effort to improve access to ‘clean’ energy sources?
    Producing an abundance of clean renewable energy would seem to be the best thing to do.
    This would allow a steady transition away from the use of fossil fuels.
    An adequate supply of ‘clean’ energy can REPLACE the offending ‘dirty’ power generators we have now.

    As we develop better ways to produce clean power, we should also devise more efficient ways to use any power we generate.
    To assist with this, we must learn to trade convenience for practicality in all things.
    It might be convenient for us to consume power endlessly, but in a practical sense, we need to minimise its use.
    The intelligent design of buildings can assist greatly by reducing the power needed for heating and cooling.
    I am sure there are a multitude of other ways we can make beneficial improvement.
    If we don’t change our ways, the world will change them for us.
    It will do this in a way we don’t like.

    During any transition, the coal fired power network will need to be maintained, and maybe even expanded temporarily.
    This expansion is something some persons don’t see as necessary.
    But to continue living as we are right now, our power must come from somewhere, or life for us will become very difficult indeed.
    There might not even be the power needed to pursue and develop clean energy sources. What then?
    We can only decommission ‘dirty’ power generators entirely when adequate ‘clean’ energy sources become available.

    On a negative note:
    It could be that we are moving in the right direction, but doing so far too late.
    The difficulties mankind is facing, as he tries to reduce contamination leading to negative climate change, might now be insurmountable.
    In a hundred years time, our descendants might be shaking their collective heads, and wondering why we ignored such an important issue for so long.
    Life for them could well be uncomfortable, and getting more so as their decades pass.
    We won’t be there to experience their dilemma: we can only hope it won’t be as bad as some predict.

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