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    What is happening   with the humans on this planet? By that I mean they are fast being killed off. There has always  been wars, seems like since humans started colonizing this world, but these days we are killing the general population nonstop, yes wars still, but its now shootings, stabbings, bashing’s, car accidents,cars being driven into pedestrians,bombings, murders, as for the number of children being killed its just unbelievable . Mother nature is also playing her part in alot of countries, with weather, volcanoes, floods, landslides etc. These days as you wait to hear  the news you wonder what will be the latest disaster  and if it will mean switching off the news as you cant  bear to hear or watch.


    Too true but at the moment there is no danger of the human race declining generally. The population explosion in some countries will see to that. The only way it will happen is if one of the super powers presses the wrong button.



    There are just too many of us.
    When you have a large number of any animal species together, they can very easily become fractious.
    I think they develop a sense of mild fear from ‘overcrowding’.
    People cannot see the truth that to survive like this, we must all ‘grow up’ and learn to think and plan.
    So they start to argue and cause unrest as they struggle to ‘protect’ themselves from those around them.
    Many will get caught up in it all, and respond in a destructive way.
    Having larger populations means we have had to change the way we live life.
    We are no longer hunter-gatherers, but have become farmers and innovators.
    Without this change, we would not have survived in our great numbers.
    But populations cannot continue to increase without some dire side-effects.
    There is a limit to how many people our world can accommodate.
    The short term changes we have made to survive will have less than favourable long term consequences.
    Luckily, this is all a relatively slow process.
    So we can live each each of our days in (relative) peace.
    We were born at a fortunate time in our history.
    Right at the time when technology ‘exploded’, and allowed us so many advantages.
    So in spite of all the killings and general unrest, we should count ourselves lucky to live life at this time.
    Compared to past generations, we live in relative luxury, and have a great deal for which we should be thankful.
    Future generations will manage, but they will need to make drastic changes to the structure of their society.
    They will have to do things we don’t like to contemplate, but necessity will drive them to it.
    As has been said many times, ‘such is life’.


    There will never be a nuclear war,  a  dictator might be as mad as a hatter and quite prepared to start a major conflict,  but among his government there will be some who will stop him,  not all in any country are totally mad,  and to anyone who isn’t mad they won’t want serious trouble when it’s obvious there will be no survivers.


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