Our Street is Changing

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    By the above title, I mean folks are selling houses,  newbies moving in, Our street has been a very quiet one, no children at all, BUT now we are  in the brand  new secondary  school zone so  prices are up and houses are wanted, already four houses have sold, and as yet  the new people have not moved in BUT there will be  about eight children so we   have been told.

    Gosh already on hearing that, two more folks are thinking of moving  they hate the thought of the  noise , but as we are a non-through street   we have a sports oval at top of street  so lots of noise when the various sports are played,   but I guess  the thought of  the extra noise from children living  in street is off putting for some older folk —- not me–  as long as I get my afternoon sleep ( nanna nap our daughter calls it) I wont care !!!!



    I moved into my home many years ago.  There were 20 homes then, mostly older people and a cow paddock at either end.

    On the hills were banana plantations.  Sometimes heard the crack of a rifle as the farmers took aim at either feral cats or foxes.

    Slowly,  over the years,  the farms at each end disappeared,  and more homes were built.

    Then the banana plantations started to disappear and my road became a through road to access those new homes.  More and more young families moved in –  lots of young children about.

    A soccer field was built on the land that had been a public reserve,  and the traffic increases every year with those wanting to access that.

    On the upside,  I do now have a public bus service.  Only every two hours so far,  but as the number of homes increases,  so will the frequency of the bus service.

    I do miss the older days,  when it was relatively quiet.

    But time moves on,  and I have to learn to move on with it.



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