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    Regardless of your political affiliations, if any, I wonder what you think?
    I have long believed that we are over Governed.
    In other words why the F do we need three tiers of Government?
    Federal, State and local.
    Worse of all are local councils. Ours is terrible. They play into the hands of rich developers and do not give a stuff about the wild life or the environment.
    The trouble with the three tier system its a great was for the b’s to pass the buck all the time.
    I bet you have heard this when you write or ring to complain.
    “Oh no thats a state matter” or they pass the buck to another tier of Government.


    I don’t think we are over-governed.
    What I do think is that oversight of government agencies is where any problem lies.
    Agencies require good regulation and direction to function efficiently.
    The need for this is sometimes grossly ignored.
    Having several ‘layers’ of government should work quite well.
    One must have overall control, and the others should report to the controlling body.
    In these groups there should be persons who specialise in particular aspects of how we live.
    The larger the population, the more groups and sub-groups are needed.
    Whilst government agencies can do good stuff, greed and other failings have been known to cause outrageous behaviour by some persons.
    But we mustn’t ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’.
    Instead we should be vigilant, and draw attention to deficiencies in procedures.
    As always, investigate, think it through, and articulate good reasons for any criticism.
    Changes cannot be made unless the controlling body is aware of difficulties.
    Sometimes it requires the community to speak with one voice to get changes or corrections made.
    Life has never been perfect, and always involves a struggle to gain and maintain fairness.
    Ideally it shouldn’t do, but in practice it does.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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