Parking rules; what rules ???

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    Approaching the Noodle shop for our fortnightly noodle lunch I noticed a car pull into the parking bays in front of the noodle shop and out spring two young ladies. Getting closer I see a “P” plate on the front window of the car. These two ladies were served a minute before us and as they got their meals they sat in the shop and ate their lunch, as did we very soon after. It was while sitting I noticed the car the young lady had parked was in a Loading Zone. Next to park out the front was a lady of about 45 years I suppose, she parked next to the young ladies car but in a disabled bay. It wasn’t hard to see her disability, she was obviously blind judging by the angle she parked at. Despite the oversized disabled parking bay one front wheel of her car was entirely in the parking bay next to it. After lunch we walked back to the shopping centre and low and behold there was a police car parked in a “NO STANDING” zone while two police officers got lunch at a lunch bar just down the road. If I even thought about parking in a no standing, disabled or loading bay I’d get a ticket.



    Funny, but so true.   Although I must admit I don’t mind the police popping in to get a bit of lunch.   They’re out there doing a pretty hard job, and I don’t begrudge them a couple of minutes in a no parking or loading bay.



    Loading your tummy is an acceptable use of the loading bay



    I have thought about this.
    The bottom line is that they should set a good example.
    Not setting a good example degrades our society.
    Not a good thing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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