Plastic Bags at Supermarkets.

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    Lots of letters in newspapers re the plastic bag carry on. The general consensus was  we are turning into a whinging lot , always someone complaining about something these days, and the plastic bag fiasco is laughable so thinks most letter writers .

    Fancy carrying on re having to buy a bag if you forget to bring one. I see  lots of folk just pile goodies into the trolley and then put in boot of car, my daughter does that if she forgets her bag( which is usually).  I have a few  free bags (not plastic ) that I have got from different clothing shops over time, all piled into my car boot, but I still do forget  now and then when at supermarket,  but who cares, not me,I  just carry the goodies if not many, otherwise its   pile into trolley. No problems.



    bettyh, it does seem that way, that everyone is whinging, but I think because it’s so easy to publish ones’ thoughts on the net now, it can come across as a lot of people whinging, but everyone simply wants to have a say. We will adapt no doubt, but I must still have my say..😀.    I think the supermarkets will sell many bin bags and make lots of moolah out of the ban.  


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    All of which are so much worse for the environment. My one-use bags always had multiple uses – except the ones which were already decomposing before I got them home.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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