Quiet in coffee haus

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    Must be the cold mornings too hard to get the fingers working and a good time for a cosy warm sleep in.



    Yes Bannie, it has gone quiet.   Lots happening around the world and even closer to home.

    I subscribe to a few newspapers online, and try to find topics of interest.

    I’m just waiting for the blokes to comment on my latest post.



    It is bannie.I was offline for quite a while and seem to have lost the knack of posting anything interesting but comment on others posts.We will all have to try harder.



    Unfortunately quite a few of our long time members have left us this year. I guess bad health has  been responsible for some leaving, but old age is creeping up on quite a few . I have been reading and writing here for  quite a few  years now, so can rattle off alot of names that have left us.  I guess old age will catch up with me also.

    I do hear quite a few people say “old age sucks” but then hearing and seeing alot of young people these days I dont know that I want to be young again -well not in these times.


    No I agree Betty. When we were very young sometimes the days seem to drag especially awaiting some event and now the years simply fly by. I’m told that time goes very quickly for the young of today also because for most of them the days are so full.
    I consider myself so lucky to have been born when I was and when all was so magical and exciting.



    Cooler weather certainly reduces one’s inclination to be active.
    But after a while we adjust?
    Hopefully, we will become enlivened once more?
    When you see a doubtful ‘pitch’
    Will your fingers start to twitch?
    Will your thoughts begin to flow
    A firm response begin to grow?
    Will you then, without a doubt
    Write down what it’s all about?
    And because it’s such a breeze
    Probably you’ll use your keys!
    Rattle happily awhile
    Doing so might bring a smile?
    When you’ve done this worthy deed
    Post it here for all to read?
    Because it’s written with such zest
    We will all be much impressed.
    And grateful for your inspiration
    We’ll become a better nation?
    Time might seem to pass quickly, but if you take stock of all you have done in recent times, you might be surprised.
    I sometimes look around, and wonder how I found the time to do all the things I have managed to do.
    I suppose being busy does tend to separate us from being aware of the passing of time.
    Hard to accept that we are nearly half way through another year.
    I am sorry for the raggedness of the rhyme above by the way.
    I see my cuffs are a bit ragged too!
    I suppose that might explain it?

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