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    I have often wondered about the effects of making sure every child must be praised for something. School graduations tend to last for hours to ensure this happens. In some ways I think it leads to few children actually striving to improve their performance and to creating a very mediocre society.
    This piece in the news today may go to explain why so many people need support groups and drugs to see them through life’s challenges.

    ‘It seems counterintuitive, but trying to build a child’s self-esteem by constantly praising them might actually create a brittle, fragile person.
    “It turns out that’s kind of backfired on us,” says Professor Jill Klein from the University of Melbourne’s business and medical schools.
    She says indiscriminate adulation doesn’t foster resilience or happiness in a growing human. Rather, children and adults alike need to manage — and expect — both successes and failures.
    “Our mistake was thinking that you build robust self-esteem by telling kids ‘you’re brilliant, you’re so smart, everybody wins, nobody loses, everybody gets a trophy’,” Professor Klein says.’



    Mmmm I tend to agree that it does not work . I can remember when that thinking first came out about praising   children constantly, we said then that all it does is create in the childs mind (some children)) the thinking that he is  pretty good, everyone tells him so, and some children become  obnoxious and tend to think that they are better than everyone else  therefor can get away with bad behaviour.

    If a child has done good by all means tell them  but don’t harp on it ,   if they  didn’t do so well also tell then in a way that, they will strive harder for next time when some  results are needed -good or bad.

    Yes we had three sons and one daughter so understand well, in dealing with children.



    when i was a schoolboy we had various school teams for games,  obviously there weren’t enough teams for everyone and if you wasn’t picked it was because you wasn’t good enough  get used to it.   Now everyone has to have a game whether they can play or not,  it’s ridiculous,  children need to learn as early as possible that they need to try harder,  practice and not give up,  because in the real world the winners are those who practice and refuse to be beaten



    “I have often wondered about the effects of making sure every child must be praised for something”

    A really stupid policy, and so typical of this Orwells Farm”, we have slowly but surely  been descending into.

    There are far better ways to show interest and encouragement  in those students who do better than others, and better ways to show interest and encouragement to those who are perhaps a little slower.

    Sadly, the modern psychologists, in the main, seem to think along the same lines, so what hope is there?

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