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    It sounds old fashioned I know, but wouldn’t it be good if children were taught manners, courtesy, respect,  and thought for the well being of others?   Wouldn’t it be great to have gentlemen opening the door for ladies, and to have the lady thank the gentleman rather than scowl and say:     Í can do that myself.'”

    Wouldn’t it be so nice to have all these virtues take precedence over same sex this and that, and rights instead of responsibilities.

    It  may be naïve of me, but I believe the lack of teaching of these virtues, is a huge part of the reason there are so many physical attacks by young people.

    I don’t suggest we go back completely to ‘the old days’.    I think it’s great that the young are more assertive for example, and more self -assured, but ideally to have those attitudes tempered with respect would be even better.

    Somehow I don’t think it will happen





    I read this post to my husband and he said at the local tea house we  go to, he frequently opens the door or holds it open for  people coming in or out,  almost every time he will get a smile and a thank you from the (mainly) seniors, the young ones coming through, some do smile but some give him the  impression they think him a silly old  sod.


    I find most young adults I meet in shops and the like very pleasant and polite.

    The only really grumpy, rude grunting ones I’ve encountered are ‘seniors’ … sad, they should know better.

    Think many are too distracted by their phone to notice what’s going on anyway … both young and old, especially tradies and mums.



    There’s no question that a large section of the younger generations are well brought up.    My post is directed at those who either are not well brought up and/or simply don’t want to live by those tenets.

    I too, am delighted when a young girl or boy in the supermarket offers to walk me to the aisle I need.   They are not the kids I’m talking about.



    I don’t refer to just teenagers either.    Feminists who pass on their so called progressive ideas to their children.   Other parents who ‘”let their children find their own path””.

    Why are we reading almost every day about one punch victims, and their perpetrators being let off with a slap to the wrist?

    There is a story just this morning, about a young fellow punching a girl to the ground, leaving her with quite serious injuries.   What was his punishment?   A $600 fine!

    Why are we hearing about gangs of youths as young as 11 and 12 terrorising people in their homes.

    What is going on with our magistrates and judges?   My post is not directed toward those who live by civilised rules, but those who don’t…both adult and young.


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