Retail shopping in a recession

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    So said the news on TV last night. I can almost agree because the shopping centres seem to be busy busy on the weekends, but then are people actually buying goodies?
    I read in the paper this morning that the suburban shopping strips are really feeling the lack of shoppers and they are being filled up with “Wellness Centres” “Nail Bars”,
    Hair salons, Skin Care Parlors,>Massage Parlours,and coffee shops. SO TRUE!



    I think the way people shop is changing.
    Once upon a time department stores were the ‘in’ thing.
    In fact, they were the only practical way to shop.
    As a child, I remember the magic of being taken there, and having lunch in the ‘cafeteria’?
    I remember the glass ‘bowls’ on a base, for ice cream, trifle, or similar, and the big square glass receptacles for bread on the table.
    Glass salt and pepper shakers too.
    And the noise and clatter of cutlery and conversation.
    Now we have on-line shopping for so many of our basic items.
    I find it far more convenient to buy things that way.
    Buying perishables still needs a visit to the shops, and also some other things such as hair cuts and mailing parcels is done there too.
    Nothing stays the same forever though, and we must just adapt to the changing times?
    I think the people providing the services are much the same?
    Generally speaking, they are still as helpful and thoughtful as they were?
    So at least that hasn’t changed?


    Agree William about changing shopper habits.

    Also think the Australian retail woes situation is being exacerbated by stagnant wage growth, wealth depreciation, increasing energy costs and record levels of household debt.

    An ABC article pointed out that in the fourth quarter last year:
    • In real terms, Australian households lost $170b on their properties and $140b in shares
    • Australian household debt as a percentage of household income spiked to a new high of almost 200%.



    I do most of my shopping online because I hate big shopping malls.  When I go I know exactly what I want and go directly to the shop to buy.  Most of them are glitzy and I can’t get out quick enough.

    In my shopping strip;   they have an IGA which I support to buy my groceries.  They 2 chemist shops, a couple of ladies clothing, a Bendigo Bank, Barber, a wine shop, lots  of eateries, cleaning & drycleaning:  as shops close they are being taken over by Estate Agents.  Margo.99

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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