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    Ironic that Thomas Arnold, the headmaster of Rugby School, the birthplace of the sport of rugby, encouraged his students to play the game in order to help develop them in their understanding and practise of the Christian faith.
    “Arnold was ‘one of the founders of athletic chivalry’ who believed in the character-reforming influence of sport. The culture out of which rugby was born was the evangelical Christian faith. The same faith and same game carried by missionaries to Israel Folau’s ancestors.

    “Today the guardians of that rugby culture has just sacked the player who, more than any other, represents the virtues of Rugby School’s ‘muscular Christianity’; a practical Christian faith that Arnold believed would equip young men to stand firmly for Christ and do good in the face of a tough and sometimes brutal world.

    “Can rugby seize this moment to reflect on its past strength as a character-building game, and reconsider its surrender to a culture that has surrendered to commercialism and the fashions of the day? Izzy should be viewed as a treasure for the game, not someone to be shunned and cast out.”


    Interesting history. Thanks Tulip. More on link below.

    Interesting that Rugby School’s current policy states:

    School’s position: The School recognises the benefits of having a diverse School Community, with individuals who value one another, and the different contributions everyone can make.

    Students will be taught to value and respect others. The School is committed to being an equal opportunities education provider and is committed to equality of opportunity for all members of the School Community.

    In the provision of equal opportunities, the School recognises and accepts its responsibilities under the law and opposes discrimination on the basis of:
    • disability
    • gender reassignment
    • pregnancy and maternity
    • race
    • religion or belief (including where an individual does not subscribe to a particular religion or belief)
    • gender
    • sexual orientation and, in the case of adult members of the School…
    • marital or civil partnership status and age

    Bearing in mind, Dr Arnold was headmaster way back, from 1828–42 … things change!!

    Don’t know how Israel’s comments would stack up with the current school policy.

    Read Rugby School’s current policy here.

    BTW: To put Dr Arnold’s values in the context of his time:

    Australia’s first census was held in November 1828 in the colony of New South Wales. In 1828, the white population was 36,598 of whom 20,870 were free and 15,728 were convicts.

    George Street Sydney, 1828.


    Tulip, the situation gets murkier and murkier. Think Folau is getting a raw deal if the story below is true.

    In a scathing letter that has been published by The Daily Telegraph, Folau has demanded answers on how intimate details of his Code of Conduct hearing, which was meant to be private, came to fall into the hands of prominent Daily Telegraph rugby journalist Jamie Pandaram.

    Ironically that letter has now made its way into the hands of The Telegraph and been published for all to see.

    Folau’s signed letter — was emailed to each of the 10 directors, including CEO Raelene Castle and chairman Cameron Clyne.

    Rugby Australia have since issued a statement of their own in response to Folau’s allegations and they are claiming the moral high ground. However they have not denied his claims that they leaked sensitive information.

    Full story and the letter here.



    Interesting background, thankyou.

    It seems to me that some of the church organisations in Australia, have fallen victim to the PC epidemic.



    Not quite sure what you mean Salina.
    Do you mean that the advent of widespread digital communication has allowed a great flow of truth to sweep over the community?
    Is it this truth which is calling in to question the long held beliefs of many?
    That, surely, can only be a good thing?
    Truth is the bedrock of everything.



    Your response rather validates my point, William.   Truth to one person is not necessarily truth to someone else.

    From Tulips’post:

    The culture out of which rugby was born was the evangelical Christian faith.

    Now these people , Rugby execs, sack Folau for speaking his Christian truth.

    I think he was a bit silly to publicly state his beliefs out of context, but still, surely, it’s no reason to sack him.


    Salina what is a P C epidemic please as I have not heard that expression previously ?
    Re you mentioned in your post Salina please do not think I am being critical of you, “beliefs out of context, ”
    looking these up, I couldn’t see them being out of context, here was someone sincerely warning out of Christian love, that we are sinners & need to repent.



    Salina, I think our various views on ‘truth’ result from our seeing it from different ‘angles’.
    From where we stand, we won’t always get a complete picture of all that is there before us.
    If we come together and combine all the things we see, we should arrive at at an approximation of the actual truth.
    Unless we are heavily biased that is.
    There is a saying something like: ‘there are none so blind as those who will not see’.
    And I thank you for your response too.
    It buoys me to know that people have different ideas to express.



    Tulip, just  my weird (sometimes) way of seeing and expressing  some issues.   I think we are all actually in  agreement.  Israel Folau  is more than entitled to express his thoughts is what I meant.  The reaction of Rugby Aus , in my opinion, was wrong.

    (Sometimes my typing just doesn’t match up to my thoughts.)

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