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    I dont think alot of people know just what that means. We have seen lots of people down the beach, packs of bike riders along the beach road all close together and chatting as they ride, Motor bike riders, lots of kids out on their bikes yet I hear on the radio that just because schools are closed that does not mean out with your friends playing at the play ground etc .Lots of people walking on the beach yes there were alot of just two people but also lots of groups. Why were we out? well although most cafes and coffee shops are closed some are serving just a coffee over the counter, so a quick dash from car and a quick dash back with two coffee’s and a quick look around and back home.


    Betty, self-isolation is for those assessed as being a risk?
    For most of the population, avoiding physical contact with others, which includes washing your hands, is sufficient.
    I personally have some misgivings about the five feet rule, and think that masks should be worn as well.
    Probably these are in such short supply that we must manage without them?
    Although there are sensible limits on groups, my understanding is that families who live together can move around together.
    Life doesn’t stop for the majority in society.
    People still go to work, the shops are still open, and there must still be customers in them.
    We need to buy food. We cannot live on air and love alone.
    Taking sensible precautions is what we need to do.
    If we have a good reason to believe we have been in contact with an infected person, directly or indirectly, we should self-isolate immediately.
    This means taking stringent precautions, seeking help with these where necessary.
    We can still communicate by telephone, internet etc.
    Maybe even just calling out through a window? ^_^
    We simply cannot take the chance of passing on COVID-19 to another person.
    We would probably recover ok, but they might die. A family could be needlessly split apart by our selfish disregard for safety measures.
    We need to be serious about this, but not to the point we see a world without hope.
    From what I can see, most people are working hard to overcome our dilemma, and doing what they can to help others.
    We need to keep a broad and encompassing view of those around us. Be kind and friendly to them where we can.
    We are all dinkum aussies here for sure.
    A good time in our history to be one of them!
    And Tiv, I am sorry, but I couldn’t say what I had to say in just three sentences.
    I really hope you won’t mind this time.
    I will try harder next time.


    Going quietly nuts here. Living in a retirement village in total lockdown, security guards on the gates, recreation hall locked up, visiting between residents discouraged. I know it’s for the greater good, but it’s going to be a hard slog.


    Hey Penguinpete. It’s not so  bad is it?
    Start with the good things.
    You are alive and well.
    You have food and shelter.
    The future looks bright.
    It is true you cannot walk around so much, but you can still move.
    You can communicate with telephone or computer.
    You are not totally isolated.
    Perhaps reading books, especially adventures, might lighten your mood?
    I am not QUITE as locked down as you are, and so have more room to move.
    I think lack of easy movement would be the first thing a person would notice.
    But whatever is happening around you, you are the same person.
    Whether what is happening is good or bad, you are the same person, and you are capable of coping with it.
    So it is very true that how one thinks is of paramount importance.
    The challenge is to find suitable outlets for your mental activity, so you don’t get frustrated.
    I am sorry to be so long winded, and I know Mr Tiv will be after me again, but I did want to say to you that finding ways to get exercise for both your body and your MIND is vital.
    I am sure others will be more helpful, but hopefully I have started the ball rolling.
    We would all benefit from a sharing of ideas.
    Perhaps you might find time to tell us how your day goes?

    Dusty WADusty WA

    Good to see you are still around Pete.been a while ,but great to see an old Greypather drop in It is not easy at present but if it keeps someone else on the right side of the grass ,worth the while hope you stick around for a bit




    Hi Dusty. Yes, I have been slack for a while, but I’ve always “lurked”. Been a bit busy, but now with the plague upon us I have lots of time. Thanks for remembering me.


    Penguinpete, I saw this on tv last night.
    People who live in a locked down village somewhere in Oz took out a table and chairs onto the end of their driveways at a set time. They had a drink of their choice and probably had to talk a bit louder than normal but they all looked happy. Perhaps you could start something like that.
    If you have internet and can download the house party app you can have up to 6 people on at the same time for a chat, such as your children, a sibling, a good friend and you can see them all on the same screen. I tried it with family and it was good .
    I am fortunate enough to live on my daughters property so I can still roam around there and chat to family and animals. The hard part is no hugging of family.
    I don’t like being housebound as it gives me a feeling of being trapped but hopefully if we all do the right thing this will be over soon.
    Keep your chin up penguinpete

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