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    When people talk about things which can improve the quality of life, it seems to me they mostly miss an important truth.
    Life is all about survival, and living is the series of measures we take to ensure we survive and enjoy good mental and physical health.
    Along the way there are many pleasing segments, centred mainly around family and friends, and which are based largely on instinctive behaviour.
    But to reduce life’s aims to a few simple phrases seems inadequate, however worthy the intent of those phrases might be.
    I think life is far bigger and more important than that.
    At least it is to us.
    The following illustrates SOME of my thoughts.

    We are born. We die.
    These are our natural boundaries.
    The life we know is the bit in the middle.
    There is no life before birth, and similarly, no extra life after death.
    But some people like to imagine there is.
    They imagine it because they really want it to be so.
    It is an attitude which serves to lessen any impact the thought of death has on them.
    It puts off having to face the reality that death really occurs, and is final.
    No one has ever shown life outside our normal span to be a reality.

    As ‘evolved’ animals, we don’t just run on instinct as our distant ancestors did.
    Our developed awareness allows us to adjust to a different way of life.
    We have evolved to use reason and planning to guide us through daily living.
    We are reaping the benefit (or sometimes otherwise) of many generations of progressive effort by those who came before us.

    To live well, it is necessary to be totally truthful with oneself.
    Acknowledge how things around us really are.
    Don’t ‘dream’ of them as you would like them to be.
    See yourself as others see you.
    Don’t try to live in a fairy tale world.
    Be realistic.
    Find the bits of life that bring happiness and contentment, and guard and treasure these.
    Approach all phases of life in a practical way. Life is all about survival remember.
    The world around you doesn’t change quickly, so in the short term, you must do most of the changing.


    Well said William. As one gets older we think differently about our lives and what went before when we were younger and tend to wonder what if??



    A few further thoughts:
    We are the product of those who went before us.
    Some of their characteristics are reproduced in us.
    Likewise, our children inherit attributes from us.
    So we could be seen as part of a continuous ‘chain’ of life.
    But we are only one link, and only for a short time.
    However, without us, the generations ahead would not come to be.
    So we are important in the strategy of life.

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