Sexual Harassment

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    Almost every day it seems a female is accusing some male of sexual harassment,(I think it stupid  when its way back in the 60’s or 70’s )  OOh he touched me on the behind or patted my  knee), but anyway, hearing about such going  on’s in the medical profession/ hospitals,  I asked my grand daughter  who is in her last year of a medical degree, had she noticed any carry on from surgeons etc,  her reply was—its certainly a man’s world  in the medical profession. Mmmm we said, didn’t pursue the subject any further.


    as long as there has been men and women there has always been some kind of sexual harassment,  however this stuff nowadays is getting ridiculous.  also there are many women who assault men,  it’s happened to me  mut a long time ago,  now they think i’m too old to be any use ( and they are right)



    ‘sexual harassment’, racism, discrimination, rights, are words that have now become distorted and meaningless in the sense of their true meaning.

    It has become dangerous to react to these kinds of accusations.

    The fact that one of our MPs has, in a lecture given last month,

    “called for a religious discrimination act to provide greater protections to people of faith, ” shows what influence these people have now on our society and the way we live.

    and “he identified the main threat to religious freedom as the growing influence of ­empowered minorities that used political correctness as a weapon against traditional beliefs and ­customs.”

    shows where we are. Freedom speech, and many other freedoms are being eroded.

    The quotes above are from Mr Dan Tehan, published in the Australian today.

    Finally:“Australia has reached an ­unusual point where the tools of oppression — sowing the seeds of division, conquest, manipulation and cultural division — are being wielded by the minority against the majority,” Mr Tehan said. “”




    Just a thought.
    When I first went to school, I learned the following ‘chant’.

    ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but hard words never hurt me.’

    There is truth in that ‘chant’, and it is still relevant  today.
    People should bear in mind the difference between real hurt and assumed hurt.
    Their confusion is leading to absurd behaviour.
    Better to push and shove our language around a bit. Make it live.
    Is it being ‘bleached’ and made monotonous?

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