Shortage of medication

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    I tried to get my blood pressure medication prescription renewed last week.

    None available.

    Tried three other chemists,  and they had none of my medication available either.

    One told me that they weren’t expecting any in until the end of June.

    It was a supplier shortage.

    Quick trip to my doctor and he prescribed another similar medication, which thankfully the chemists did have on hand.

    How can blood pressure medication have a shortage?



    Think of third world countries, where this is the norm.
    Alternatives for them are also non-existent.
    We might have occasional ‘hiccups’ in supplies, but overall we are indeed a lucky country.
    Remember too, we are part of a very large world.
    We shouldn’t see ourselves as isolated from the rest of it.
    The average level of any benefit available to all of mankind is what we should use as a measuring stick?
    When we are well above this average, count our lucky stars?
    Be thankful we are not ‘disadvantaged’, and in the far below average class.
    Thank you Rob for reminding me of our good fortune.
    I will be a little more humble today.



    I had a repeat of my script for blood pressure tablets, On opening the box instead of  just one card with the usual number of tabs, I had three cards of tablets,  the box was quite  different so  down to chemist to find if a  mistake,  NO they had changed brands now, the tablets looked alot bigger but I will find they are same size. I said wish you had mentioned that to me so I didnt have to worry.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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