So sprightly still

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    abirdo, what a great story, so inspirational.   There is a following video of a 97 yo WW2 veteran, still skydiving at 97.

    “Wally’ Delton Walling is a World War II veteran and now he’s the oldest person to ever jump out of a plane”.   Same link as above.

    Wonderful! and good luck to them.



    I have a different slant on this.
    We have medical services and hospitals and so on.
    These are needed to assist people with genuine medical conditions, and to treat those who are unwittingly involved in an accident.
    These services are not for ‘joy-riders’ and ‘thrill-seekers’ who expose themselves to danger to experience excitement, and consequently run the risk of injury.
    It behooves all of us to live carefully, to lessen the chance of (temporary) disability, and to lessen the workload on our medical personnel.
    To this end, we should only do as much as is necessary to live a rewarding life.
    To jump out of an aeroplane at an advanced age, just to show you can, shows poor judgement in my view.
    To do so has little or no long term benefit for those who undertake such an activity.
    Aged bones can be brittle, and overall, an older body can be more prone to injury than a younger one.
    So no, we shouldn’t encourage, in any way, any older person to jump out of any aircraft, or do any other (semi) dangerous activity.
    We might smile and say ‘how wonderful’ when it all ends well, but if there were a serious mishap, would we be so blasè about it?
    Let common sense reign I say. *_*
    I am not claiming I am right, but I AM saying I hold a different point of view.
    Advertising these foolhardy enterprises, and giving praise, is, as I see it, encouraging foolish living.


    I think that the police ( and newsreaders) would stop using the term “Joy riders”  it make it seem like a game,  when in fact it’s theft and often arson as well and possible death or injury to innocent people who are sometimes caught up in the criminal activities of a few


    Guess we all think differently on this one. To be so sprightly and full of life is certainly the way I would wish to be if I live that long. Those who take no risks and refuse to ‘keep going’ are far more likely to damage themselves in my view.


    My son and grandson did an iFly indoor skydive a couple of weeks ago. It’s very safe and the instructors are there to assist and offer physical support if necessary … as they did in the video.

    Good on her. Not a very risky venture at all in my opinion. A totally controlled indoor activity.



    Thank  you for that link. How inspiring are those wonderful people.

    Vera Lynn made me laugh with her comment that she is reminded of how old she is because of the birthday cards on her mantelpiece. 100years. WOW.



    Might I be permitted to express a few more thoughts?
    I hope so, so here goes… ^_*
    Recently, I was helping to supervise some young children at play.
    One little girl liked to climb up and jump down.
    At one point she climbed quite high, and was preparing to jump.
    I said to her: ‘Please don’t jump from there. It is too high up, and you might hurt yourself.’
    She looked at the ground again, then decided to climb to a lower place.
    I breathed a sigh of relief.
    We quite properly discourage children from doing anything potentially dangerous.
    However, an adult should know his own mind.
    We should not prevent an adult from doing anything he is lawfully entitled to do.
    We should NOT encourage any adult, especially an elderly one, to undertake any activity which might be beyond his natural ability.
    If he does want to undertake such, the strictest of supervision and safeguard should be in place at all times!
    Some pursuits are dangerous, and can have tragic consequences.
    I am thinking of Natasha Richardson as an example here…
    Now I will be quiet.
    Later today I will enjoy our extra seventeen seconds of official daylight.
    Only a few more months of this glorious cool weather….. *_*


    I am reminded of my mother who always enjoyed life and was active til she died in her 90’s. She always used to say ‘I would rather wear out than rust out’.

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