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    Williamthebold   Sorry to be off topic BUT!!!!!


    Please tell us where is the lovely cool weather that you are enjoying

    At present I am in the Tropics in Nth QLD and it is 28degrees and very humid as there a re a lot of rain clouds around.

    Dreamt last night that I was cold  How is that for a dream? LOL


    Down south in WA winter has come at last. Temp dropped 10deg in one day. My young lab is enjoying the fire as much as I do. Still dry tho, just miserable drizzle at times with the cold wind, and heading for a record dry year if it does not improve. Still I always prefer cold to hot Charlee!



    A note to CHARLEE…

    Here in the west
    The weather is best
    I tell you that for a cert.
    But over in ‘queens’
    Endless the scenes
    Of those who are never alert.

    Whatever their job
    The heat is the prob
    They suffer with more than their share.
    They think they are tough,
    Resilient stuff
    But struggle with heat they can’t bear.

    Though I wish them the best
    They shouldn’t come west
    Better to stop. Take a breath.
    The cool is quite neat here
    And because it’s not heat here
    They’d surely be frozen to death.

    I should add that I have a neighbour who is from queensland.
    He enjoys our endless days of balmy weather.
    Please don’t tell anyone I have mentioned this to you, or they might want to come here to see it for themselves. *_*
    And please excuse my lamentable effort at rhyme. This off the cuff stuff usually lacks what it should have.

    When I walked outside this morning, I was greeted with warm fresh air.
    Just letting you know.
    This probably means rain is just around the corner though.
    Only the best and warmest kind of rain of course! (shades of hyacinth)
    And I am in the south west, the only place to be…



    Just another thought.
    When the weather is at its hottest, I read a book about the frozen wastes of the arctic.
    When it gets a bit colder than usual, I read a book set in a hot place, such as a desert.
    Only psychological help, but it does have a mite of benefit.
    When I was younger I read an appropriate Biggles book.
    Those were the days.



    A bit off topic again.
    It didn’t seem right to start a whole new topic for a few random words.
    This is a rhyme taught to me by a ninety year old man when I was in my early twenties.

    The rain it raineth every day
    Upon the just and unjust fellah
    But mostly on the just because
    The unjust has the just’s umbrella.

    Having got that out of the way, it is as I expected.
    This morning, when I jumped boldly but undecorously through the door, without a parachute in sight I might add, I saw that:
    The rain is icumen. It is here.
    It splashes quietly on the streets and driveways.
    It splashes wetly on the grass.
    And on my head too, because my umbrella is missing.
    But it is pleasant rain.
    It washes clean the air we breath.
    It bathes the distance with a delightful haze.
    Betimes it is colourful. A rainbow appears, to gladden the heart.
    The trees bow their heads in reverence.
    I am just trying to put a bit of a glow on winter weather!
    When you see it in the right light, it is not so bad.
    Is it?
    Just rug yourself up and enjoy the day with a ‘hot beverage’?
    Except for those in north queensland.
    They must just grin and bear their glorious heat!



    Some reasons why I favour the cooler weather.
    In summer, to keep cool, one must make use of external devices, such as air conditoners and fans.
    You could also visit the seaside, and hope the ocean and its cooler air would do the trick.
    To keep warm in the winter is a ‘breeze’ by comparison.
    Just wear extra clothing.
    Suitable warm clothing is easily acquired these days.
    A brisk walk, or similar physical activity, will bring on a healthy glow if you need it.
    At night, a couple of extra warm fleecy blankets, and you wouldn’t know if a blizzard were piling UP snow outside your door.
    (I just had to use that word)
    So it is easy to keep warm in winter, but more difficult to keep cool in summer.
    So I favour the Winter.
    And…it brings with it an excuse to enjoy all those warm chocolatey drinks too??
    Ipso facto, my case rests.
    Or QED as the case may be.



    Another post is exploring the absence of so many who have been active here in greypath recently.
    In addition to that, I have been wondering about those pesky north queenslanders.
    Have they succumbed to the heat, and expired?
    Will we need to resurrect the scarlet pimpernel, and send him on a mission to rescue them from their sorry plight?
    I doubt he would like the heat either.
    Read on for further episodes of this enthralling saga of the ‘missing northerners’.
    Or better still, write a few episodes yourself?


    how can you tell when it’s summer in Manchester?  the rain is warm



    What a strange light around in Melbourne today I wonder what is causing it?    Hah Hah  I know its sunlight, wow whee  what a lovely sight.

    Gosh its  so long since I have seen it I had forgotten what it was, its been grey skies for ages now although I can’t say its warm but thank goodness the wind is not blowing   a gale yet  again.

    The  last few years we have been spoiled with very mild winters, so its a real shock to have these freezing cold days.  One can’t go into the garden to pull even the weeds out, the only things growing still, as I am sure ones fingers will drop off  being frozen stiff.  Its hard to get  interested in doing anything- well for me it is, so on that note I will close and go read the papers  and maybe have a little nap!!

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