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    Perhaps we have lost sight of who we are.
    Socrates had the right idea, as did so many in history.
    It is simply, Know Thyself!
    I see us as: an intelligence (brain) with a support system (body).
    We are driven by instincts, rather like the operating system on a computer.
    Instincts are our fixed memory.
    We have ‘variable’ memory too, where we keep all the things we learn, and didn’t know instinctively.
    Our very strongest instinct is our personal survival.
    All other instincts seem to enhance and enable this. All instincts support our survival in some way.
    To live in the modern world, we need to use reason to direct some of our instincts in to more useful channels.
    We cannot live effectively as our hunter-gatherer ancestors did. The world is too crowded now.
    All people are much the same, so when we understand ourselves, we understand others too, and see our behaviour in a different light.
    All this knowledge should help us to get along with those around us in a sensible way.
    I think if we all had this ‘good understanding’ a lot of things would just disappear, very much like dry grass blowing away in the wind.
    Strict political correctness would be one of those things to blow away?
    The above ideas, whether right or wrong, are my own.
    No one taught me, or suggested what I should think, except for socrates.
    I observed, and worked it out for myself.
    Even if I am wrong, these ideas might provide food for thought for someone.
    One more thing. All these serious thoughts aid our enjoyment of life too. We can discuss them with cheerful mien. No need to be down in the dumps.
    That reminds me of the two ladies talking. One said, ‘when I am down in the dumps, I get a new hat’. Said the other lady, ‘oh, is that where you get them’?



    Lots of  things here I agree with.

    But one that has occurred most recently is being asked if I’m on Facebook, then being flooded with political stuff.

    Not what I thought F’book is about.

    Abbey NSW
    Abbey NSW

    I am amused by the weather report when it says we can expect “possible showers”, rather than saying “showers are possible”.  What is a possible shower, does it rain possible water?

    bettyh Vic
    bettyh Vic

    I find the weather reports frequently wrong so “possible showers amusing”. just like ‘ maybe some sunny periods’ one can interpret  that all sorts of ways.


    LOL so funny Abbey. The “possible storms” around here are being “impossible” at the moment. I’m over them.



    I just remembered another of my pet hates.
    When people say ‘I would like to’ and think that means they are doing it now.
    ‘I would like to’ means wanting to do something at a future time.
    Someone might say, ‘I would like to thank Josie for helping me to get things ready for this meeting’.
    That just means they would ‘like’ to thank Josie at some time in the future, not that they are thanking her now.
    What they really mean is ‘Josie, thank you for helping me…..’ or ‘Josie, please accept my thanks for…..’
    Those are ways of expressing that the thanks is right now.
    Sorry to be so pedantic, but I suppose the hot weather makes me ‘tetchy’. *_*



    Another one. The word ‘the’.
    Must it always be abbreviated to ‘th’?
    When the following word starts with a vowel sound, it should be the. (thee)
    When the following word begins with a consonant sound, it is th’.
    I am sure that is what my teachers drilled in to me.
    Where did it all go?
    Is someone trying to dumb down the language for some reason?
    Th’ house was old and run down.
    The opportunity to renovate it was manifold.
    Now I must favour SBS with my attention, and watch the ice-skating.
    Lucky me.

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