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    I pick up a shell I have owned for nearly 70years and still hear that magical sound of the sea. I am happy to ignore a scientific explanation of this because I remember where I got it in eastern Africa and the sound of the sea from the cargo vessel we travelled on.
    Like most my age I also have tinnitus but to me this also sounds like the ocean and so I do not fight it but enjoy the pictures it conjures up.



    May I add a thought or two?
    That shell does more than conjure up memories of long ago?
    It can transport you back to when you were a little girl on a boat?
    You can almost relive the feeling of that time perhaps.
    I wonder what you thought then?
    You might have had visions of life in to the future.
    I hope it didn’t disappoint you.

    Sometimes I walk on the beach in the cooler months.
    I wear a very warm coat.
    When I see an unusual shell on the sand, I pick it up, and put it in my pocket.
    Another time I wear the coat, even a year later, I might find the shell.
    That can bring back a pleasant memory of the occasion when it was found.


    That little girl wanted desperately to spend the rest of her life at sea. Fate had other plans for me but even now the yearning is still there. Twice weekly my trips to Albany always entail a visit to the wharf area to watch the ship activity there.
    I have no interest in the floating hotels but love the old fashioned cargo ships and the way they load and unload.



    An intrepid, but strangely intentioned, solo sea-farer passed south of albany several days ago.
    Jeanne Socrates is sailing solo around the world on S/V NEREIDA.
    Nereida means sea nymph. (from greek mythology?)
    If you know someone with a good radio, you might be able to listen to Jeanne making contact with land stations.
    Try 7160 kiloherz at about 7.30am.
    Or 14183 kiloherz at about 1.30pm.
    These are not absolutely fixed times or frequencies as far as I know.
    Listening might bring an extra breath of sea air in to your awareness.
    Not as good as being there on board with her, but something at least.
    I try to keep track of her progress via:
    Or her position via:
    You might appreciate all her technical talk about pulleys, stays, jibs, and drogues.


    There are certainly some amazing people in this world of ours. Yachting is not part of my history – I would be terribly seasick! Thanks for the link as I had not heard of her courageous effort before.

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