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    On radio or Tv, I sometimes hear people talking about space.
    They seem to be confused. They should ask me. ^_^
    Quite simply, there can never be nothing, so there is no zero.
    Zero is a convenient mathematical concept only.
    Similarly, the inverse of ‘zero’ being ‘infinity’, that doesn’t exist either.
    Another useful theoretical concept only.
    So what is space?
    Space is anywhere there is matter, and nowhere else.
    What is matter?
    Anywhere there is movement.
    Everything we see or feel is moving.
    Without motion there is no matter.
    I think Banjo got it right when he said there was movement at the station.
    Matter includes the substances we see or feel, or it can be ‘dark’ matter that we cannot see.
    Either way, wherever it is, there is space.
    Where there is no matter, or no movement, there is no space.
    Not an empty area, just nothing at all. No boundaries anywhere.
    We have grown up with ideas based on the limited amount of the universe we can see around us.
    We have difficulty visualising that it could be any other way.
    We pick up a stick. It has two ends. So there must be a beginning and an end to the space out there?
    No. That is where the stick led us astray.
    Space doesn’t have a beginning or an end. It is just the place where matter sits.
    We cannot reach the end of space, for we are matter, and wherever we go we create our own space.
    So we can never be at an ‘edge’.
    Just use your imagination, and it is easy to understand.
    This is what I think anyway. ^-^


    I went outside and did a few things in the garden.
    Heard all the latest news from neighbours.
    Discussed a few current concerns we have.
    And THOUGHT a bit as well.
    I thought: would my first post be easier to understand if I said that matter (moving material) doesn’t occupy space, but instead, space occupies matter?
    That it is all the other way round?


    Hmm, William. Not quite right for our site! Tell us more, and  in less words, about how to live a long and happy life!


    Make sure you are born with the right genes.
    Live quietly, observe, think, write, make friends.
    And if that fails, pretend!


    An explanation re my original post:
    I knew it was not the style of post normally found here.
    But I threw it in to the mix on a ‘just in case’ basis.
    Just in case someone did have an idea or two they wanted to share.
    As wide a range of subjects as possible is desirable?
    I will avoid ‘technical’ posts in the future.
    I have no mathematical/empirical detail to give in support anyway.
    Without this, it is a broad concept only.
    But still very valid.


    Space is an enthralling topic.   Our human minds are incapable of grasping the entire concept.   But I find it most interesting to read of when something new is discovered out there.

    Back in 1980, Carl Sagan produced a TV series called “Cosmos”.   I sat week after week listening to his beautiful voice  and watching him describe the Cosmos as he saw it.  He was of course way ahead of his time, and well before all the amazing technology we have up there now.


    Pictures that Hubble has sent us…so beautiful and mysterious.

    The International Space Station continuously orbiting the Earth.   I believe it’s possible to see it at times.

    I look up at the Moon, and remember with awe watching as Neil Armstrong took the first step, and uttered the famouus words.

    So much to wonder at.   I love Space.


    This is a link to a live feed from the ISS.    Such an amazing and beautiful view of Earth, with lovely music gently playing in the background.

    We are so fortunate to have such access to wonders like this.

    From the dawn of humankind to a mere 400 years ago, all that we knew about our universe came through observations with the naked eye. Then Galileo turned his telescope toward the heavens in 1610. The world was in for an awakening.

    The above is from a piece on the NASA w’site about Hubble.   Worth a look if interested.




    To gloria35:
    I think my reply to you was far too succinct, almost flippant.
    So please allow me to elaborate a little.
    Long life does depend largely on chance, or luck if you will.
    To be borne with the right genetic makeup is the main advantage we have.
    To live where there is a plentiful supply of food is another big factor.
    To have access to advanced medical assistance is also significant.
    With all three, we have the chance to live a longer and healthier life.
    A happy life depends on their being a minimum of adversity and aggression in our surrounds.
    This is something we need to plan for. (and defend)
    So with chance on our side, and some judicious planning, we should be happy and contented throughout a longish life.

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