Student demonstrations

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    The earth is currently going through a warming phase possibly exacerbated by human actions (not opening that can of worms here!) So students and the not so young endeavour to make their voices heard on the issue. Will it make any difference?? History tells us that it will not. Those students will grow up and get involved in the life process as we all must.
    When I was young we had a very valid reason to demonstrate with the two major powers forever threatening to use their power to exterminate each other. Did the ‘Ban the Bomb’ marches achieve anything???
    Nowadays with that same power in the hands of so many unstable dictators total annihilation of the human race and the world as we know it seems much more likely. The warming world would cause many problems but nothing compared to that.
    Maybe students should be considering these facts.


    Feel sorry for the young of today. Peaceful co-operation, the environment, the economy and goodwill seem to be rapidly crumbling around them with the growing number of chest-thumping world leaders intent on gaining power and wealth at the cost of the rest of us.

    Very little optimism for them to cling on to.



    If students and teachers concentrated more on REAL education, children would be far better off eventually moving into positions in the real world, where, as adults, they can address whatever concerns they have about anything from a genuinely informed and mature view.

    I’m sick and tired of bandwagons popping up on the latest trendy outrage, and children being used to spread whatever it is.     For heavens sake, let kids be kids.



    Who wants to join me?   I’m organising a protest against protesting.




    I protest.
    Protesters should be able to protest.
    That is what their name means.
    So I protest that protesters be restricted from protesting.
    I might even start a protest movement too.
    To protest against those who protest against protesting.
    Unless I receive too many protests about it that is.

    Salina, you are very much welcome to protest at my words.
    But please note, I wrote this with tongue very much in cheek.
    It is all nothing more than a play on words.
    Must be my cheeky side peeping out from behind the curtains?
    Perhaps the finer weather allows that to happen?

    But I do agree about the REAL education for young people.
    I think far too much time is spent learning things of no practical value.
    Far better to concentrate on things which will enhance a person’s natural talents and inclinations.
    I know all this from personal experience of course.
    I am loathe to admit it, but I did go to school.
    Once upon a time…long ago…in the dim distant past…
    My strong thought is that education should be tailored to suit the student, not the other way round.
    Let’s start using a modicum of common sense about this, and not get stuck in a rut.
    Educators, please throw away your ‘narrow-vision’ glasses.

    There was once taught a subject called Euclid. Named after Euclid himself I gather.
    So a new subject could be called Socrates, even though he was only one of many who said the same thing.
    But his name is catchy, and would serve as a suitable name for that which teaches us to know ourselves well?
    The subject should be aimed at allowing students to understand what they are and who they are.
    Make them aware of instinctive behaviour, learned behaviour, and reasoned behaviour.
    Make them aware that we are pre-programmed to behave differently during different stages of life.
    Far more useful than learning about those brats, who long ago committed dreadful acts in the name king and country.
    I almost shudder when I think about them and their machinations.

    And just in case this is all to much
    And seems to be quite out of touch
    I remind you all that truth is best
    It calms your nerves and brings you rest.
    So shake a leg, and make a move
    (I am sure that we will all approve)
    Proceed to make it known to all
    That one sees more when standing tall
    And should you reach that distant crest.
    Stop and say: I must protest!
    And do so with abounding zest!

    I think that after that burst of nonsense rhyme it behooves me to stop and reflect.
    Which I shall do forthwith.


    “Protesters should be able to protest.”

    That bit I agree with, such a long history in this country from the Eureka Stockade, the famous Shearer’s strikes and the Vietnam protests.

    Such instruments of change.



    In a democracy …yes…there is the right to protest.   But the last couple of weeks in Melbourne, and Brisbane also I believe, there have been huge disruptions in the heart of the city, with people actually gluing themselves to the road and other public property.

    They are not just students anymore.   These latest ‘protests’ are being organised by a group called Extinction Rebellion.   Many of those people are breaking the law, and may well have caused serious disruptions to  emergency vehicles, as well as tying up massive police resources.   So if a person was getting stabbed somewhere in Melbourne, or robbed or raped, they would have had a long wait for assistance.

    I’m not against  well organised peaceful protests, but the kind of stuff we have seen in the last few weeks is way beyond the bounds.

    How come a speaker who happened to be of a conservative leaning was charged $$$1000s of dollars by the govt for security, but these ‘protestors’ get away with so much and are applauded for their actions?

    Sure, there have been some arrests.   But guess what?   They got a slap on the wrist and sent on their way.

    This place is heading downhill rapidly, and I’m glad I’ve seen the best of it.



    Just one of the frightening examples I referred to in my original post.


    Scary Abirdo … Idiots Inc.

    Note that currently, according to reports, in the current Syrian mess … whoever is in charge now has control over a large arsenal of nuclear warheads.

    Turkey ‘effectively holding 50 US nuclear bombs hostage’ at air base amid Syria invasion.

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