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    A couple of other comments for the few remaining readers.
    Those who have commented on a decline in participation in greypath in the past could usefully ask themselves why it might be happening?
    Could it be that too few real opinions are expressed?
    Surely opinions are the lifeblood of a site like greypath?
    Idle chit chat like ‘I went to Joan’s house for afternoon tea and we had iced cakes. Her cat sat and watched us’ is not likely to precipitate a meaningful response, or provide a long term interesting topic?
    If you read carefully, you will see that although I do make statements, I also ask a lot of questions.
    Rarely do I get an answer to them.
    But people are people, and this is the life we live.
    Today, I have been to the doctor, and walked at the beach.
    I find that walking on the bunches of seaweed strewn on the sand is the best way to proceed.
    It acts as a kind of ‘snow shoe’.
    Towards the end of my ‘stroll’ I came across a group of disabled persons.
    They were in a grassed area adjacent to the beach, and supervised by ‘mentors’.
    All were no doubt enjoying the fresh sea breeze.
    I paused. I felt almost guilty that I am old but reasonably healthy.
    I consider myself incredibly lucky to have the life I have.
    As I travel through life, I often pause to remember those less fortunate than I.
    I am both humbled and revived by the experience.
    Perhaps not as humbling as ‘the daffodils’ in wordsworth’s poem.
    But it does suffice.
    I recommend it to all.


    like ‘I went to Joan’s house for afternoon tea and we had iced cakes. Her cat sat and watched us’

    Whats wong with that?

    I am not smart enough to recommend life decisions to others or to give advice.

    Dont get upset. Time to lighten up.
    I can however give a lovely scone recipe.
    2 cups self raising flour
    Pinch of salt
    Teaspoon of sugar
    Tsp baking powder I think it makes it fluffier
    3/4 cup of milk
    Tblspoon butter
    Work all into a soft dough
    Turn onto floured board
    Knead as lightly as possible
    Roll out
    Round cutter or end of a glass
    Put sconess on greased tray

    Glaze with egg yolk or milk
    Hot oven Bake for 12 mins approx


    In the states I cannot quite get the biscuit thing.
    They make what they call..breakfast biscuits. Rather like scones.

    To me a biscuit will always be an iced vovo, shortbread or Anzac bickie.

    Dusty WADusty WA

    Thanks for the scone recipe Tiv.the only thing I recall remotely resembling a recipe was Hans mango cake,and that was to die for.  I wrote a whole screed here and then decided I was being a witch and deleted it So I hope everyone who pokes their noses in has a lovely day


    🙂 Can’t imagine you as a witch Dusty.


    Mm I find cooking therapeutic. Must try the cake Dusty.
    I did post my mango muffin recipe once. Really easy. Must track it down.


    I know we went off topic but I just wanted to cheer everyone up.
    Does anyone know the scone recipe using cream and lemonade?


    I have been thinking about this. (sorry – not the cream and lemonade)
    And doing so whilst pedalling steadily on the bicycle of life.
    It is my contention that there is a sensible limit to how far conversation should be reduced or compressed.
    It is my strong feeling that when exchanges are swift, expressed in brief or stilted wording, or allowed to become an agent for basic communication only, such intercourse will become discouraging and desultory.
    Warmth and feeling will disappear from the text.
    Words won’t titillate the senses, or encourage a mood of pleasure or wonder in the reader.
    We will lose.
    To be brief might be desirable for some, but let’s not overdo it.


    The trouble is its been discovered that the vast majority do not , rightly or wrongly, read past the third sentence.
    I cannot back this up because I cannot recall where I read it . Take it or leave it.
    No matter how well you write (and you do write well) it will not be read..
    A lot of work for nothing except for self satisfaction perhaps.
    Facebook is worse. Posts without pictures are rarely reD at all.
    William you can write any what you wish and good on you but never expect any responses.
    Funny though because people are buying books in increasing numbers!
    I think you are under estimating yourself intellectually.
    Precise writing and summaries are real skills , we all did it in college and high school.

    There was even a text book called CLEAR THINKING…Any one recall it?

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