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    Rofl. I sure dont practice what I preach do I ? Lol


    To Tivolidreamer.
    You are clearly a man of considerable perception.
    Perhaps it is unwise for you to limit yourself to a few sentences?
    I think you should use a extra wording, expand on your topic a little?
    This will add detail and clarity, which might otherwise be a bit ‘thin on the ground’?
    When so, it relies too much on the perspicacity of the reader?
    I for one don’t ‘infer’ all I might be expected to.
    So I need to have it spelled out for me.
    Made clear to my flagging intellect.
    So please throw that extra sentence or two in to the mix?


    Sorry William I still think long posts are not a good practice.
    I do not believe people read past the third sentence.
    No disrespect intended.


    I have thought about this some more.
    It boils down to this.
    Will you be satisfied with a light fluffy biscuit with your cup of tea, or do you want something more substantial.
    Something which will stay with you.
    Something which will sustain your thinking?
    Longer posts cover all bases. Short ones don’t.
    Those who favour a ‘light’ approach can read the first three sentences, or ‘skip through’ looking for significant words.
    The rest can read it all.
    Everyone’s appetite is satisfied?
    In this post, the word ‘you’ is used in its plural sense.

Viewing 4 posts - 19 through 22 (of 22 total)
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